I'll add this to the review later but I also love the design of The Mandalorian's rusty old bucket of a ship, the Razor Crest

mild spoilers from The Mandalorian S2 

ah another thing

Ahsoka Tano played by Rosario Dawson only appears in one episode but god I want her to become a recurring character

mostly because Rosario is great

@packetcat as someone who only ever watched the films and read a few of the (now non canon) books, I enjoy it immensely.

Also watching reaction videos of those that are DEEP into star wars lore freak out when what seemed to be a small detail, is actually an incredibly important thing for the clone wars series or some such.

Just proof that for me and you this series works as well as for those that know more of the lore.

@packetcat reminds you of the old republic era, when everything looked prosperous and cared for.

mild spoilers from The Mandalorian S2 

@packetcat she's very good, great piece of casting there. And she's getting her own whole "limited series" so lots more coming.

mild spoilers from The Mandalorian S2 

@packetcat I loved how they introduced her as frigging Jedi Batman

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