man I thought I played NFS Carbon but maybe I didn't because I don't remember anything from the game

...though it has been a while so... 🤷🏾‍♂️


NFS Most Wanted and Porsche Unleashed were the ones I played the most so those I remember

Porsche Unleashed is why I still love the design of Porsche cars to this day

time to go start up Forza Horizon 4 and drive some Porsche cars around for a bit

rolling up to get some ice cream in a bright red 90s Porsche

I don't remember the exact model and I don't wanna boot the game back up to check so bonus points if you know Porsche model this is

booted up the game this morning to check

that red one is a 1995 Porsche 911 GT2

congrats to @noiob who got it right

continuing these Porsche themed screenshots from FH4 with a older Porsche with the black and white filter on

@packetcat It's funny because the location looks real and the car looks real, but they don't look like they're from the same reality.

@packetcat i feel like i've played enough porsche unleashed that i should know this, but no :(

@packetcat every time you mention forza I remember I have it installed and always forget to play it

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