Overwatch League 2021 Season | June Joust Tournament | Day 1


New York Excelsior vs Atlanta Reign

Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons


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We are in a double elimination bracket for this tournament

Today is winners round 1, losers from today's matches drop down to the lower loser's bracket where if they lose again, they get eliminated

here we go!!!!

New York Excelsior vs Atlanta Reign

First to 3, loser of a map picks the next one

we are going to Anubis for map 2, NY's map pick

Kai subbing in for Edison on the Atlanta Reign

NY just got fucking rolled on map 2

indecisive, slow play from them

Atlanta take map 2, 2-0 and match point

Atlanta Reign close out the series 3-0

not even close, a disappointing start to the tournament for the NYXL, downwards to the losers bracket they go

now its time for Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons

probably won't watch the whole match since its almost time for bed but here we goooo

Dallas Fuel take map 1

Shanghai looking a bit lost tbh D:

Dallas take map 2, they are now at match point


its time for me to go to bed


I watched the rest of this series just now and a disappointing and baffling performance from the Shanghai Dragons gave Dallas the 3-0

I'm absolutely baffled by the shit Shanghai Dragons were running, double hitscan S76/McCree with Ball? the fuck?

why do that when you can mirror Dallas and you aren't terrible at it either


the two APAC teams here in the tournament are not prepared for what fast paced teams like Dallas are playing

and honestly? I can't blame the players for this too much, this seems like a coaching problem as much as anything else

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