the amount of FUD I've been seeing about Audacity over the past week has been very annoying

@socks @avie @packetcat It's entirely justified, though. The biggest thign that stands out: why do they need information for law enforcement? What could they possibly do with that?

@avie @socks @packetcat So you're just going to uncritically accept whatever they give you? okay.

@anahata @socks @packetcat they arent collecting it *for* law enforcement, more it is stating that if law enforcement requests the data (which, lets face it, they wont) then they will pass it on

which is the same with every other place that uses a privacy policy and collects data. its just standard stuff

@anahata @socks @packetcat theyve already said that identifying info (i.e. encypted ip address) is destroyed and rendered unusable after 24 hours so if they dont request that info within that 24 hours, they cant do a dang thing

@packetcat arguing that audacity now has similar telemetry to firefox, which i also do not trust, isn't a very compelling argument :blobcattilt:

@packetcat ...dafuq? :\

...still, I long for the days when I used to manage things via ZoneAlarm, like 20 years ago, on Windows. 😆

I loved the idea of granting explicit access to apps, only when I chose. Apps like Audacity, for instance? I would've never let them access the internet, even if I didn't suspect them of doing anything nefarious, simply because what I used them for didn't _need_ internet access.

@packetcat Ugh, god, what drivel. Why is Jim an apologist for bad behavior?

* The app should not collect telemetry, period.
* How fucked is your software when it's a simple audio editor and you need to discourage under 13 year olds from using it?
* No, Jim, it is not a "fact of life" in 2021, nor should it ever be. It's a fucking audio editor!

And then the project lead for a fork of Audacity is harassed off the project and in real space at his house?

OK, we see the mentality of the people who think telemetry is A-fucking-OK here. This fucking behavior is pathetic.

Technically, Audacity is not spyware today. It's clear that it's going to be, though, and that's is absolutely not cool.
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