The Price Of Tea In China is legit one of my top albums of 2020

Real Bad Boldy was really good too

Boldy James' laid back delivery works really well with The Alchemist's usual style of production

just perfect match between the rapper and the producer

the best way I can describe The Alchemist's production is moody and atmospheric...he is always creating a very specific vibe and his use of samples to that effect is incredible too

and his production tends to lean towards more mellow, softer sounds these days but he is versatile


like if you go back 10 years to Curren$y's EP Covert Coup which was produced entirely by The Alchemist

the beats there hit harder but not too much harder

that EP only recently got put on streaming which is how I found out about it

I've known about Curren$y since my high school days but I never could get into his style back then

but nowadays its more my speed

high school was also when I found out about Detroit underground rappers like Elzhi and Black Milk, thanks to this one dude in my classes (I don't remember his name) who was into underground hiphop

pretty sure this dude introduced me to a while new world of hiphop and I don't even remember his name lol

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