You know, I have stems for like the past couple years of podcast files and I honestly should probably start deleting some of these

Given we’ve be doing it for this long and I’ve never needed to revisit a 3gb WAV file once, maybe I don’t need them lol

@chosafine might be worth backing them up to some sort of "cold" storage and deleting local copies

but that's just the data hoarder in me

@packetcat as much as I got an ego tho, does the world really need your or my original lossless copy of us talking about metal gear solid 5 back in like 2016 or 2015 lol

@chosafine no tbh, even I don't wanna listen to that myself lmao

@packetcat real talk if I had more time to waste I’d probably remaster that episode lol

@chosafine iOS 9 jesus, our podcast becomes like a time capsule of tech in some ways lol


@chosafine I forgot about that ad block drama, seems so silly in hindsight

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