doing a `cat .htaccess | less` instead of a `less .htaccess` to piss off all the people who get mad at the unnecessary use of cat

its actually very rare that I use `cat` to actually concatenate files like its intended for

:blobsleeping:​ less .htaccess
:blobpensive:​ less < .htaccess
:blobthinking:​ cat .htaccess | less
:thaenkin:​ cat < .htaccess | less
:thounking:​ less <(cat < .htaccess)
:thinking_very_hard:​ less<<EOF
$(cat < .htaccess > /dev/stdout)

@lifning @packetcat

less -f <(while read -r line; do printf "%s\n" "$line" | cat; done < <(cat .gitignore))

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