this was from the game after that, having good games on Rein tonight

we won this one, 2-1 on Busan

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this shot from The Wire S2E12 amused me because the wallpaper on that computer is just the Baltimore Police logo superimposed on the default Windows XP wallpaper

I think the person who wrote the copy for this screenshot on the Apple Watch Series 7 page really does not like meetings

this one is going to cost me my final life this round

I have no idea what this one is

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the new Rampart heirloom is hella cool

glad to see her getting some love

( she also got a buff to her ult with the latest event - )

Me not realizing this is the French side of the box: The Earl Grey? It’s just Earl Grey, nothing special about this

me: why am I dying so easily in Destiny 2?

my build:

16 resilience

I wish Mastodon had this feature where I can view a muted post containing a word I muted

(yes I know this exists in forks, I mean mainline)

using guides to find chests in Destiny 2 like a Real Gamer


I've completed the Crystocrene armor set from Beyond Light, I rather like this set tbh

especially with the Reefmade shader on it

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