I'm confused as to why some e-mails from the dns-operations list are being sent as an attachment called Email.eml instead of the text being in the actual message.

And it isn't all messages, only some of them.



this is how my house looks right now

the Go board purchjase was a pretty good idea I think

DOOM Eternal enemy spoilers 

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third DPS placement match was a loss but I got this cute D.Va spray out of a lootbox

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also omg I was playing Soldier 76 and I got this comment about my voice

I legit laughed out loud

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like look at this, nearly 6 hours of issues between the two networks

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what is this? grade school? I swear

these two were arguing the entire match

Clopshneid though made a snide and quite frankly racist comment about a person on our team who had Mandarin characters in their name

selfie with eye contact 

what came to mind when Cortana is shouting about what the Halo rings actually do

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Linode's response to the ticket was actually really good

here is a screenshot of it because, this response is top tier

(and I made sure to leave positive feedback for Brian using their system)

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getting back into Destiny 2 for the new season because Ana Bray is in the seasonal content

anyways on the other hand, I just had an incredible game with really good D.Va player who was actually peeling really well and I complimented them on it

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