LA Gladiators win the series 3-2, fantastic series

my prediction for this one came true \o/

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Happy Friday!

I have another packetcat commission to share, this one is a sketch done by @catkaiju

I really love this one, its very cute :3

it also has some...interesting opinions on using the word "default" in software

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continuing these Porsche themed screenshots from FH4 with a older Porsche with the black and white filter on

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rolling up to get some ice cream in a bright red 90s Porsche

I don't remember the exact model and I don't wanna boot the game back up to check so bonus points if you know Porsche model this is

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just got my first win in Apex Legends lets goooooooo

so started Assassin's Creed Valhalla this morning

performance characteristics on my PC are...interesting

running at 1440p on a i7-8086K and a 2080Ti, I am GPU bound at graphics presets - ultra high, very high, high and also adaptive

I am playing with adaptive quality with a target of 60FPS

another thing - the FPS limit option in settings does absolutely nothing, the game doesn't register the option change

the screenshot here is the benchmark results with adaptive quality turned on

I love this operative that I got in Watchdogs Legion

love how his metadata says, "searched cute bees"

gotta use him in a a few missions tbh

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