.....is Reinforce taking a hit from a blunt in this thumbnail on a video on the official Overwatch League channel?

love to get disconnected in the middle of a Warzone match


v6.47 of Mikrotik's RouterOS adds DNS-over-HTTPS client functionality to the DNS forwarder client running on it

to end the night, this happened in No Man's Sky when I used the teleporter to teleport back to my base

it placed the ship right on my little house and blocked the entrance

(and its reproducible, every time I used the teleporter from the space station this happens lmao)

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current status: waiting on @chosafine to come back from picking up dinner before I take off

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more fun stats, from the same video as the previous post

also from the next slide:
"By default for apps targeting Android 11, Android will automatically revoke all runtime permissions if the app is not used."

and then next

"Notification will let users know permissions have been revoked"

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from the "All things privacy in Android 11" video


so this is a big deal: in Android 11, location permissions are one-time permissions and the first prompt is for foreground usage only

if the app needs background location they will need to prompt /again/ and it actually not-inline the app but a deep link into the appropriate section in Settings

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