also who is the model for the Toronto Defiant jersey because heck 😍

so the script with the modifications to gai.conf removed finished the install with no issues

Fastmail made their web UI's dark mode better, now it's slightly darker, has better contrast and also meshes with message content much better.

Looks like its actually applying some custom styles to messages so they blend in better with the theme?

For example, this newsletter e-mail is actually sent with a white background but this is how it looks in Fastmail's web UI.

[ newsletter in question - ]

truly a classic NL moment

his disk ran out of space and he couldn't save the game

"I thought I had 16GB remaining, there was 16MB remaining that's a big difference dude"

my new favourite thing from CES 2020 is this Samsung presenter holding their new ball robot/pet demo device in his hand

its call Ballie

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