it also has some...interesting opinions on using the word "default" in software

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continuing these Porsche themed screenshots from FH4 with a older Porsche with the black and white filter on

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rolling up to get some ice cream in a bright red 90s Porsche

I don't remember the exact model and I don't wanna boot the game back up to check so bonus points if you know Porsche model this is

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so started Assassin's Creed Valhalla this morning

performance characteristics on my PC are...interesting

running at 1440p on a i7-8086K and a 2080Ti, I am GPU bound at graphics presets - ultra high, very high, high and also adaptive

I am playing with adaptive quality with a target of 60FPS

another thing - the FPS limit option in settings does absolutely nothing, the game doesn't register the option change

the screenshot here is the benchmark results with adaptive quality turned on

I love this operative that I got in Watchdogs Legion

love how his metadata says, "searched cute bees"

gotta use him in a a few missions tbh

England is continuing to be very expansionist in my CK3 campaign

lost two more counties in my kingdom (Ireland)

there wasn't really a possibility for me to win the war, England's armies were just significantly larger, not enough allies on my side to fight that off

I had an alliance with England but I think it expired or wasn't valid anymore so uhhh

cc: @bfoty apologies but I think if they continue like this I'll lose the kingdom eventually

I think I have to get expansionist myself

YouTube's algorithm recommended this to me and what on earth gave it the idea that I'm interested in Kingdom Hearts videos


PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

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I legit laughed out loud when I got this notification in Crusader Kings 3


I’m sure the PUBG folk are enjoying the Fortnite sized BR hole on the iOS App Store and Apple being petty

This is what happens when billion dollar corps use their platform to be petty af

I want both of these

The Devi You Know is so ostentatious I love it

Sari Not Sari is both an incredible pun and also accurate since she isn't wearing a full sari

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