Coolmatt is retiring as a player and is moving into a new role within the Outlaws organization for 2020

as expected

just yesterday I was talking about how bad the orange and grey looked

this is much better

the logos have been updated on the website so you can see them now

Guangzhou Charge makes up for their lack of interesting colours by having the best Twitter account

the memes during 2019's "mouse" incident were glorious

the award for most boring though has to go to Guangzhou Charge

its not an unpleasant colour scheme just boring, same with that logo

my most favourite is probably the Seoul black & gold, that tiger logo looks really good too

the red and black of the Toronto Defiant is pretty good too but their logo is kinda boring IMO

seriously the orange and grey of the SF Shock is just bleh

if we are talking OWL team visual designs

I still think San Francisco Shock's logo and colours is the worst

the second worst logo is probably Paris Eternal

both them look like there isn't enough contrast between the background and the logo

LA Gladiators now the better LA team because of their better violet colours

....and now they look like the Boston Uprising colours

why did they even recolour? their green and gold colours looked pretty good

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