Thoughts on week 2 of Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs by me

second week of 2020 OWL playoffs! this week I opted to talk about the various story lines that surround the current playoffs instead of specific games

the four teams in the grand finals bracket

Shanghai Dragons
Seoul Dynasty
Philadelphia Fusion
San Francisco Shock

grand finals week starts October 8 with Seoul vs SF and Philly vs Shanghai

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the Cinderella run for the Washington Justice is over

Philadelphia Fusion win the series 3-0 and move on to the grand finals bracket

Washington Justice eliminated from the playoffs

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alright back to the series,

map 3 is Volskaya, Washington's map pick

will Philly close it out with a 3-0 or can Washington start the reverse sweep?

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Overwatch League 2020 Season | Playoffs Week 2 | NA Day 3


Washington Justice vs Philadelphia Fusion [losers bracket finals]


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so that means Seoul joins Shanghai and San Francisco in the grand finals bracket

today's NA losers bracket final will determine the fourth team to make it into the grand finals bracket

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man this series was just sad to watch too

New York just couldn't deal with what Seoul was throwing at them

outplayed in every way

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just finished watching last night's APAC playoffs VOD and whew lord Seoul are looking so strong

New York eliminated in a 3-0 series, wasn't even close

Washington Justice go on to face Philadelphia Fusion in the losers bracket finals

I'm loving this Cinderella run that the Justice are on

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map 3 is Hanamura

Florida's map pick

let's see if Florida can stay in the series and start a reverse sweep

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now for today's losers bracket match: Florida Mayhem vs Washington Justice

whoever loses this is eliminated from playoffs, the winner goes to face the Philadelphia Fusion in the losers bracket finals

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