ah shit I forgot Savepoint 2020 streams were this week


its MS Flight Simulator right now

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

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"The new "All-Stars" package is being sold as a "limited production," Nintendo says, with digital and physical versions only available from Sept. 18 through "approximately" the end of March 2021 for a $60 MSRP."


why does Nintendo always do some wack ass shit like this bruh

game night with @chosafine we were gonna try God's Trigger which is free on the Epic Games Store atm but turns out its co-op mode is local only and not over the internet

so we played Warzone instead, had some good rounds

I'm keeping God's Trigger installed because the art and the music seems great, gonna try it out myself sometime

played a few rounds of COD Warzone tonight with @chosafine and I haven't played this game in a few months and there is this new (?) heavy sniper rifle that hits like fucking artillery fire

like the first time we got shot by it, we were so confused, the screen was shaking like it was one of the airstrikes coming in but it was a sniper rifle

also it basically one-shots all your armour so that's fun

GOG has Dead Cells on sale at 40% off which is 15 bucks


I highly recommend this game if you are into roguelites

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