'30 under $25: A collection of good hidden gem games from Steam’s Summer Sale' by Jeff Dunn


personally I would recommend Eliza which is the only one I've played

PC gamers: Control is free on the Epic Games Store atm

go get it if you don't have it already

here is a nice flank shatter I got a few days ago


getting back into playing OW after taking a break from it and im enjoying it now

'Halo Combat Evolved - Is Classic Mode Fixed In Master Chief Collection Season 7?' by Digital Foundry


'AMD Waifu GPU: Yeston RX 6700 XT Sakura Review & Tear-Down' by GamersNexus


Overwatch 2 PvP will reduce the player count on a team from 6 to 5, removing the second tank.


'Resident Evil 8 Lacks Some Basic Accessibility Settings - Access-Ability' by LauraKBuzz


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