Skyward Sword HD, Removed Motion Controls, and Left Handed Support - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

EA, Bioware cancel Anthem’s sweeping overhaul

"The story of EA and Bioware's beleaguered action-RPG Anthem has apparently ended. According to an official Bioware blog post, the ambitious jetpack-combat game's "overhaul" project is dead. The staff that had been assigned to rebuild the game into a better shape has been reassigned to work on other Bioware projects, particularly Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect game."

Against All Odds: Atari VCS Mini Ryzen PC + Console Review by Gamers Nexus

rolling up to get some ice cream in a bright red 90s Porsche

I don't remember the exact model and I don't wanna boot the game back up to check so bonus points if you know Porsche model this is

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How Accessible is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

Prosopagnosia, Gaming With Face Blindesss - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

ADHD and Video Games (Ft. Jim Sterling) - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz


just got my first win in Apex Legends lets goooooooo

The Importance of Post Launch Accessibility Updates - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

Aphantasia, No Visual Imagination, and Video Games - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

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