When Inane Creeps Attack Actors For Something A Fictional Character Did (The Jimquisition)


in a similar vein:

Waypoint Radio Episode 324: Abuse and Harassment in the Video Game Industry


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Minimalist Roguelite Deckbuilder | Card Hog (Northernlion Tries)


this looks...interesting

That Time The Last Of Us Part 2 Was Compared To Schindler's List (The Jimquisition)


anybody pick up the Burnout Paradise Remastered that is up on Steam right now?

Its like 6 bucks right now but I'm seeing a bunch of reviews saying that it has problems launching and crashes on launch

Paying Off My Billion-Dollar Debt in Zero-G | Hardspace: Shipbreaker (Northernlion Tries)


streaming some Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry which is a little expansion from Black Flag that I never got around to playing before

come say hi :)


I'm calling this play of the game "thanks grandma" because I wouldn't have been able to pull off that shatter without that clutch bio-nade from our Ana (notice how low my health goes there)



taking a break for dinner

I'm ~8hrs into and I'm still enjoying it

just got to the path where they really introduce Aerith

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having a good evening playing Reinhardt

I'd like to thank my healers in that game for keeping me healed while I played very aggressively

I call this POTG "its high noon and y'all sleeping"


tried a bit of Children of Morta since its on Games Pass

its very pretty but not sure I'm a big fan of it mechanically

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