"I don't fuck bitches, I'm queer, hah" - Lil Nas X, 2021

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@chosafine I forgot about that ad block drama, seems so silly in hindsight

@chosafine iOS 9 jesus, our podcast becomes like a time capsule of tech in some ways lol

@chosafine no tbh, even I don't wanna listen to that myself lmao

@chosafine might be worth backing them up to some sort of "cold" storage and deleting local copies

but that's just the data hoarder in me

@noiob actually steampowered.com uses Akamai for DNS so that's causing more issues than just the web front end

@noiob yeah, they use Akamai for their web frontend afaik

@Elizafox lots of sketchy af sponsors too

one of them is literally a company that sells Instagram followers

high school was also when I found out about Detroit underground rappers like Elzhi and Black Milk, thanks to this one dude in my classes (I don't remember his name) who was into underground hiphop

pretty sure this dude introduced me to a while new world of hiphop and I don't even remember his name lol

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The scene at 14 Division where a large crowd is chanting for the release of ppl arrested at Lamport Stadium.

that EP only recently got put on streaming which is how I found out about it

I've known about Curren$y since my high school days but I never could get into his style back then

but nowadays its more my speed

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