Skyward Sword HD, Removed Motion Controls, and Left Handed Support - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

man Bruno hasn't dropped a album since 2016

really looking forward to it

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this was not a collab I was expecting but I'm hella here for it

let's fucking go

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Vice News Reports: Hostile Territory: How The Army Got Trolled on Twitch


The Pudding Cup - The best visual and data-driven stories of 2020


if DA4 and the next Mass Effect are not successful I fear EA will shutter Bioware

or they get relegated to a support studio status for EA's other franchises

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EA, Bioware cancel Anthem’s sweeping overhaul

"The story of EA and Bioware's beleaguered action-RPG Anthem has apparently ended. According to an official Bioware blog post, the ambitious jetpack-combat game's "overhaul" project is dead. The staff that had been assigned to rebuild the game into a better shape has been reassigned to work on other Bioware projects, particularly Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect game."

lotsa good stuff coming out of the NPR Tiny Desk performances lately, I'm loving it

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"The Valiant ownership won’t change hands, but the end result was the same: the Valiant broke up their roster just over two months after signing them—and they found out through the tweet of a reporter."

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this is a good read, the context about the LA Valiant for the first two years of OWL vs the one we have now is especially important

what a shitshow though

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