@paladin nah, instances have to make that information available for their users and AFAIK there is no API endpoint for it in Mastodon

@vy yep, I feel that as well

and really few entities even have the resources or willpower to challenge the RIAA when it comes to spurious DMCA claims

youtube-dl's Github repository has been restored

after tests that downloaded RIAA copyrighted material were removed


@tiff my budget isn't set in stone yet, still shopping around

Kitchener is fine, how much are you paying and what are you getting?

I'm looking at options for colocating a router, switch and a 1U server in either USA or Canada. Toronto preferably but I'm open to something like Chicago/Seattle.

I'll be requiring cross connects to a meet me room of some kind so I can buy transit.

I have a ASN and IP space.

Advice/suggestions/recommendations welcome, I'm new to the colocation side of things.

@Mainebot yeah maybe, gonna need somebody over at Digital Foundry to do the deep dive testing

these Ubisoft games are coming in hot at launch, bugs abound

tbh, I really wanna know why I'm being GPU bound in this game and especially why it doesn't change across settings presets

gonna need the Digital Foundry analysis of the PC version for this one

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as for CPU utilization, about 50% across all my cores, this game is on Ubisoft's Anvil engine and uses multiple cores quite well

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its interesting because going from ultra high down to high preset didn't change anything about GPU usage in the benchmarks, utilization was steady at 95% throughout the running time of the benchmark

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so started Assassin's Creed Valhalla this morning

performance characteristics on my PC are...interesting

running at 1440p on a i7-8086K and a 2080Ti, I am GPU bound at graphics presets - ultra high, very high, high and also adaptive

I am playing with adaptive quality with a target of 60FPS

another thing - the FPS limit option in settings does absolutely nothing, the game doesn't register the option change

the screenshot here is the benchmark results with adaptive quality turned on

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packetcat in your ASN's choices:

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