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and yes this means there cannot be multiple paths between servers, a spoke cannot connect to multiple hubs at the same time

so IRC networks are in star topology

spokes connect to hubs and hubs connect to each other

so EntropyNet has two hubs and the spokes can connect to either hub, one of our hubs just lost network so I reconnected the spokes there to my server which is the other hub

usually in big networks, the hubs are "hidden" i.e they are not open to client connections to prevent them from being attacked as they make for a pretty good target

EntropyNet doesn't do that but if needed we could do it

it never stops being cool as heck to be patching netsplits back up

/quote connect 7005

that tells delcatty to connect to sylveon which split because our other hub lost connectivity

delcatty is my server (because of course, what else would I name my server)

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YCH pin-ups are here again! Limited time at this price!

— 45usd each character
— +10% extra for complex designs/outfits
— choose from 4 poses
— must provide picture refs
— PayPal is the preferred method of payment
💙 proceeds from my first batch will go to the St. Vincent De Paul Australian wildfire relief effort!

🤍 dm for more info or if you’re interested in commissioning me 😊

#mastoart #art #commissions #commissionme #digitalart #pinups #ocs #originalcharacter #fanart #lingerie #sexy

seriously though I've considered selling/recycling my MBP and getting a smol Windows laptop for when I actually need laptops these days (rare)

but I'm like strangely attached to this hunk of aluminum, maybe its the stickers on the lid

me powering on my MBP after months of not using it:

ah my OmniFocus machine, it good to see you again,

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NetNewsWire 5 is one of those Mac apps that makes me wish I used macOS as my primary desktop operating system

the iOS version is also very good from what I've used of it so far

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[I also actually keep the Shades of Brown podcast feed in my actual podcast player so that I know if the feed is being generated and pulled properly]

Signed up for the TestFlight of NetNewsWire on iOS

And of course the feed I’m testing with is Shades of Brown

@SeanAloysiusOBrien I use a app nowadays but when I used to post selfies daily I used the browser because the UX for uploading images in Toot! for long threads was a bit confusing

lol Safari on my phone still has "Zombocom" under frequently visited

@iliana is a pretty good one IMO

I have a few others in my feed that are pretty active but they are Apple bloggers, not sure if you want those

@iliana hell yeah, I should sign up for the Testflight builds tbh

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my gf and i are being evicted in April. anyone know much about housing co-ops anywhere in New York State? we're currently in the Falls

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