downloading Monterey on my M1 Macbook Air atm, its a 12.13GB download for me

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looks like macOS Monterey reviews are coming out today

the Ars Technica review by Andrew Cunningham -

the MacStories review by John Vorhees -

will be going through them throughout the week

at this point all my hope for a decent campaign is based on the assumption that surely it can't be worse than Halo 5

which may be a bad assumption but...

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"new AI codenamed The Weapon"

I sure hope they actually give her a better name than that in the story

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"My dad played Age of Empires." - this is the most Rob Zacny way to start a review of Age of Empires 4 lmao

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looks like the review embargo for Age of Empires 4 has lifted and reviews are starting to come out

here are a couple:

Rob Zacny for Waypoint -

Sin Vega for Rock Paper Shotgun -

Overwatch character renaming 

@Sandrockcstm im calling him "Cass" from now on

I do like the alliteration in "Cole Cassidy"

I don't usually play DPS but its fun to do occasionally

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and now for a funny play of the game I got just now playing Ashe

its just funny the way I knock the ulting Reaper straight into my Bob

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im doing the thing where I just drive around in FH4 and go through my podcast queue

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I keep having good quick play games tonight, hell yeah

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