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medical care, cdn poli, right to die 

Drake always has good quotables like this latest one:

"Haven't done my taxes, I'm too turnt up"

oh yeah and that new Future and Drake track "Life Is Good" too which came out on the 10th

I predict the Megan Thee Stallion & Normani track Diamonds will make its chart debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week

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the production on it whew, shoutout to 30 Roc who is the producer on it

my brother told me about The Box a couple weeks ago and the track absolutely slaps

"Roddy Ricch's The Box reaches #1 after only 5 weeks on the chart, and blocking Justin Beiber's debut. His first #1"

music to my ears

BROCKHAMPTON's track SUGAR made its debut in the Billboard Hot 100 at 70 and according to comments on that reddit thread, its because the song is blowing up on TikTok

TikTok continuing to make songs chart eh

Billboard Hot 100 Discussion - January 3-9 2020 | The Box hits #1 (self.hiphopheads)

I'm just glad that trash ass Justin Bieber single isn't at number 1

fog just rolled in, looks like its gonna be another one of those days

"“At or around an active fire front, birds – usually black kites, but sometimes brown falcons – will pick up a firebrand or a stick not much bigger than your finger and carry it away to an unburnt area of grass and drop it in there to start a new fire,” says Bob Gosford, an ornithologist with the Central Land Council in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, who led the documentation of witness accounts. “It’s not always successful, but sometimes it results in ignition.”"

"“Most of the Aboriginal groups that we talked to in the NT, particularly in the Top End, are entirely comfortable with the idea that this happens. … for a lot of people, it’s accepted as a fact,” says Gosford.

European scientists, however, have shown a reluctance to accept the observations of Aboriginal Australians, which explains why this seemingly widespread behaviour has not been scientifically documented until now. "

lol of course this is the case

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windows server and raid5 

"The overall conclusions from this collection of observations are that the IPv4 network continues to grow, but as the supply of new addresses is slowing down, what is now becoming evident is the more efficient use of addresses, which results in the granularity of the IPv4 interdomain routing system becoming finer."

i.e more IPv4 /24s in the v4 BGP routing table as people sell off chunks from bigger subnets

"The other interesting point is that at the start of 2017 the reporting systems have a divergence of some 50,000 route entries, yet by the end of 2019 this divergence has increased to some 100,000 routing entries.

This illustrates an important principle in BGP, that there is no single authoritative view of the Internet’s inter-domain routing table – all views are in fact relative to the perspective of each BGP speaker."

This is not news to me, but its always important to keep in mind

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This week was CES, you know it, we know it, @packetcat & @chosafine get uncomfortably close to branded experiences and try and make it out ok.

Shades Of Brown Episode 114: Give Thunderbolt 3 To The Children

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