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as for telemetry:

Settings -> Energy saving and privacy -> Automatically share data about the features you use

once that is turned off, the device doesn't seem to send any other telemetry as far as I can tell

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another thing, triggering a manual sync using the sync button in the top bar causes the device to sync the time via NTP and then sync with your Kobo account via its API

interesting that the device has this priority in keeping the device time in sync with the public NTP pool

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observations about the Kobo OS:

- it syncs time via the public NTP pool upon connecting to the network (I see DNS queries for * when the device wakes up and connects to the configured Wi-Fi network)

- I managed to cause my first freeze/crash in the OS, not 100% sure how I triggered it. But the device was unresponsive to any input, touchscreen or button. Had to reset the device by holding the power button

email from Steam tells me that Daemon X Machina is now available there for those of y'all who were interested in playing that on PC


Human with 51014 ast Lenovo Yoga
Leipzig Eisenbahnstrasse

I've been watching Northernlion's current Frostpunk LP and I wanna play that game now tbh

also our Zarya kept bubbling me before there was even any incoming damage like fam ???

save that cooldown pls

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also I had a shatter get cancelled by the enemy Sigma's accretion ability

it was like a comedy, I almost wanted to Alt-F4 the game right there lmao

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having a Sombra on the enemy team who is halfway decent when I play Rein is like...fam...can I play the game please or can my team peel for me please for the love of god I'm constantly hacked

my OC Veronica in copic markers. was itching to break them out again

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packetcat: playoffs edition's choices:

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