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in a similar vein:

Waypoint Radio Episode 324: Abuse and Harassment in the Video Game Industry

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I'm confused as to why if I search for "blackpink" on YouTube the fourth result is K/DA's POP/STARS which as far as I can tell has nothing to do with BLACKPINK

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re: languages/translation (Shades of Brown №135) 

@packetcat @chosafine in terms of which languages are *easy* to translate, organizing things as a tree you have:

+ Indo‐European
+ Celtic (Irish, Cornish…)
+ Romance (Spanish, French…)
+ Germanic (German, Danish…)
+ Baltic (Latvian, Lithuanian…)
+ Slavic (Russian, Ukranian…)
+ Indo‐Iranian (Persian, Kurdish…)
+ Albanian
+ Armenian

English is somewhere inbetween the Germanic and Romance categories, and generally speaking the further out on the tree you get, the harder it is to translate. But you can think of this tree as “languages which use the same basic model, and just choose to represent it differently.”

Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean are not in this tree at all, which is what makes them *very* difficult. They all have their own models which don’t really line up with the Indo‐European one. With Arabic (not a language I’ve studied extensively; I’m just reading the Wikipedia page to be real here) the things that I think would be would be the biggest stumbling blocks are:

+ There is a separate word “dual” word form (for describing two of something) in addition to singulars and plurals. Indo‐European languages don’t have that, so that information is just going to get lost and confused.

+ The way pronouns are attached to words for things like “my…”, “by me”, “for me”, etc. is very nuanced and complex. So I would expect prepositional phrases to get messed up frequently.

+ Arabic verbs are very complicated and seem to have a lot more moods (like indicative, subjunctive…) than English. They’re also just built differently; they are modified by changing the vowels in the middle, not by changing the endings like in English or Spanish.

(i can speak more about Mandarin probably since i’m currently in the process of trying to learn it :P )

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the beat switch near the end of the song is fucking me up for some reason, it comes out of nowhere it feels like

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Minimalist Roguelite Deckbuilder | Card Hog (Northernlion Tries)

this looks...interesting

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Haven't posted any pictures of #cats yet over here. Meet Cosmo, Catsby, and Cheddars

so these are the first set of matchups for the Summer Showdown next week

LA Valiant vs Toronto Defiant

LA Gladiators vs Washington Justice

Florida Mayhem vs Houston Outlaws

Paris Eternal vs Dallas Fuel

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Washington Justice close out the series with a 3-1 victory against the Boston Uprising

Uprising eliminated from the Summer Showdown

with this Washington breaks the losing streak

fantastic showing from Justice DPS player TTuBa

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match point for Washington Justice

let's see if Boston can bring this to a map 5

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well at least this series is more interesting than the previous one

1-1 at the half

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alright Washington Justice vs Boston Uprising is the last series of the day

this is a playin series for the Summer Showdown, whoever wins gets into the tournament

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next up: Philadelphia Fusion vs San Francisco Shock

Map set:
King's Row

This one is the NA series I've been most looking forward to this week so let's hope its a barn burner

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