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Telia provided a statement on the leak from yesterday

"Tracing back the logs of the beforementioned BGP Filter Server, it becomes obvious that for this particular downstream the initiator of the provisioning had chosen to apply AS filtering over prefix filtering. Using this option is against the guidelines and only exist for legacy reasons. As such, the concrete action we admittedly should have taken earlier but will do immediately is removing this option completely."

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and now for a stream with a different change of pace: i’m on FFXIV glamour hunting, come chill out:

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if you’re a patron it’s time to vote on what i’ll write next: Thoughts on Paper Mario and the Origami King, How to Get Started in FFXIV, or you can make your own suggestion in the comments!

Overwatch League 2020 Week 26 NA Day 1


Dallas Fuel vs Philadelphia Fusion

Los Angeles Valiant vs Houston Outlaws


Stream URL:

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yeah Halo is just bad military sci-fi with fascist ideas sprinkled all throughout

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@packetcat think for a moment on all of the lore about the spartans.

Human society had gotten to the point that the military decided to steal, experiment, modify and use child soldiers for war.

The amount of people needed to approve this, support this, fund this, practically carry it out is staggering.

Not to mention that the origins of the program never leaked, so there were all these people that were a part of the program and no one spoke out.

No moral outrage, no guilt.


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@packetcat Didn't they also send john and the others, whilst still children to fight the rebels?

I can hear jackboots getting closer and I don't know why.

Plus if you need super soldiers to win against a bunch of rebels who like as not are badly armed and supplied, it doesn't speak well for your military forces.

or at a more fundamental level

UNSC (good and righteous soldiers)


Covenant (religious fanatics fighting a holy war, bad except for a chosen few)

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@packetcat you forgot to mention that the kidnapped children were replaced with clones that intentionally fell ill and died months later.

have I mentioned how the Spartan program was specifically created to put down a insurrection against the UNSC?

how it kidnapped /children/ and performed genetic manipulations on them and how some of said children either did not survive or were permanently maimed by this?

or how the Forerunners have this Noblesse Oblige philosophy with their "Mantle of Responsibility" which Cortana has now taken up and likens it to a "benevolent" form of imperialism?

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I shouldn't have read a bunch of Halo lore this morning because now I'm thinking

about how Cortana is a clone of Dr Halsey who is responsible for the extremely fucked up Spartan program which makes Cortana's kinda affectionate relationship with the Master Chief very very weird

and the fact that Cortana chose John-117 specifically to partner up with is just another bit of the weirdness

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Analyzing Meta Diversity: All Aboard the Polarity Express by Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman

happy sysadmin day, y'all are obligated to say nice things to me today thanks

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