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Basically A Scam: PS5 Aftermarket Cooling Fans Blow the Wrong Way by Gamers Nexus

How Accessible is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

UK Supreme Court says Uber drivers are not independent contractors

"The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has ruled that Uber drivers are legally workers, not self-employed contractors as Uber has argued in courts around the world. The ruling means that drivers in Britain and Northern Ireland are eligible for additional benefits and protections, including a minimum wage."

I don't listen to MPU regularly but I'm making an exception for a episode with Siracusa in it

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Arranging Invisible Icons in Quadratic Time by Bruce Dawson

this is a fascinating read about a inefficiency in Windows Explorer

Xbox Series X Thermals, Power, & Noise Testing: Tear-Down & Cooler Design by Gamers Nexus

remembered that Ten Forward is hosted in Linode Dallas

I don't remember which DC in Dallas they are in 🤔

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Eric Kuhnke on NANOG posted that Infomart Dallas (a datacenter) is currently on generator power and will most likely remain so until the power supply shortage in TX has abated

see also further update from Erich Kaiser later in the thread

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mild spoilers from The Mandalorian S2 

ah another thing

Ahsoka Tano played by Rosario Dawson only appears in one episode but god I want her to become a recurring character

mostly because Rosario is great

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I'll add this to the review later but I also love the design of The Mandalorian's rusty old bucket of a ship, the Razor Crest

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Prosopagnosia, Gaming With Face Blindesss - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

Notion's service went down today because their domain expired.

so here's your reminder to make sure you have auto-renew turned on for important domains and make sure the payment method on file is correct.

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