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linking this just to post this quote:

"The duo of Pat Ana Castellanos (aka Sugar Mami) and Cepillo Cuevas are decked out in sparkly makeup and iridescent sportswear, quickly winning over the crowd with their quirky collisions of Nintendo samples and raunchy lyrics about otaku heartbreak and twerking Kirbys, which they’ve lovingly christened “perreo hentai.”"

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Waypoint Tactical Tuesdays with Rob and Austin are on again right now!

whenever Craig says Monterey it sounds like he is saying Manta Ray

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Michael Tsai has a handy post with related links (like the keynote stream, sessions) that he will be updating

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heads up:

Apple's 2021 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) starts at 10:00 PDT today, I will be using the hashtag to talk about it so filter that if you don't want to see WWDC related stuff.

so this means the Dallas Fuel and the Atlanta Reign are two West teams going onwards to meet the New York Excelsior and the Shanghai Dragons

this is gonna be a incredible tournament, next week is gonna be lit

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The Atlanta Reign just absolutely stomped the San Francisco Shock in a dominant 3-0 victory

unexpected to be sure

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a 3-1 victory for the Dallas Fuel, they are looking extremely strong going into the June Joust tournament, looking to win another tournament


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aight its more 3-0 Overwatch for the first two series today

here's hoping the next two are better than this

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this Boston vs Atlanta match is not going well at all for Boston yikes

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