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Apple event in 15 minutes (10AM PDT), I'll be using the hashtag to tag posts related to that so you can filter that

listened to the last Waypoint Radio episode with Austin Walker on it

i might be crying a bittttttt 😭

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light leaks on a sea of clouds

Minolta AL-F, fixed 38mm f/2.7 lens, portra 400

putting on the KEXP radio stream

I can't remember the last time I listened to an actual radio station

wait it was while I was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, there is a Norwegian classical station I like to listen to while I play that game

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Rollin Stone just might be my most favourite track from Sometime I Might Be Introvert

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oh damn she performs 'Venom' from her 2019 album Grey Area

that was the track that made me a fan

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I call this The Undertale Syndrome wherein I buy a game because it gets a lot of praise amongst people whomst I trust but I don't end up liking the game

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I wish I could get into Wildermyth but it ain't clicking

I played like an hour and a half and I don't feel like going back to it

nothing about my experience was *bad*, it just ain't for me

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wonder what tjmax is for the Raspberry Pi I have is

its been running at 70C or so for a year plus now, what temp causes it to do a thermal shutdown?

and now for the slowest part, actually installing the update

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I turned off wi-fi on the laptop to force it to stop and then I turned it back on and its going much faster now

sure 🤷🏾‍♂️

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downloading the latest macOS Big Sur update (11.6) and

a) why tf is it downloading so slowly?

b) why is it 3.54GB?

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There ain't a Gungeon I won't enter! Twinstick shooters and Chill: come chat!

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