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Lunar samples returned by Chang’e-5 tell of recent volcanism

as the subheading says -
""Recent" is relative—the samples are roughly two billion years old."

Downstream #1: Movies are Back! Movies are Dead!

ayy the first episode of Downstream with Jason Snell and Julia Alexander is here \o/

im glad to hear Julia on a podcast again, haven't heard her since she left Vox Media

just witnessed a Verizon ad on Twitch with the phrase "5G Built for Gamers"


man I haven't seen Gruber this angry in a while

he real salty about this one (understandably so)

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but jokes aside, I don't think I could muster an blog post about my thoughts on the entire 2021 season right now

feeling a bit burned out from OWL as I usually do at the end of each season

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