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Dream crew:

XO: Spock
Ops: Data
Engineering: Scotty
Helm: Sulu
Navigation: Ilia
Tactical: Reed
Communications: Sato
Security: Worf
Doctor: Phlox (or Bashir)
Counselor: Dax
Haberdasher: Garak

Anyone else? 🌚

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Trekkie since '78
Best captain: Picard
Favorite captain: Sisko
Best/fav series: DS9
Favorite ship: Excelsior/BoP
Favorite alien: Deltan/Denobulan
Favorite movie: TMP
Worst movie: STID
ENT? Sure, was alright
JJverse? Get bent

Klingon cosplayer, blogger, trucker, gamer, activist. Autism advocate, pagan, cat lover. Star Trek's values are incompatible with neoliberalism/conservatism.

Located in US. Male pronouns are fine.

Feel free to say hi.

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Personnel Stub 

Name: Franklin Benjamin Winter, nee jaq'qiB of house qul'cha
Service No: LN-823-959
Rank: O4/Major
Callsign: Paladin
Status: Active
Division: SFMC/MACO
Billet: Commander, 3rd platoon, MACO Team 7
Birthdate: SD26648.2
Heritage: Klingon/Deltan, raised on Earth
Parents: Ciele of Delta IV (mother), D'Kora of house qul'cha (father), LCDR Thomas Winter (adopted father)
Education: Academy class of '73: Engineering, Astrophysics, Philosophy (min); MACO class of '79


I know it's a long shot but I really hope we see Avery Brooks in the next season(s) of Picard. He might be the only person Picard knows ofwho could give him context for Q's fuckery, and it'd be amazing to see him puttering around on his farm in the Kendra Province, Kassidy by his side, an elderly sage to the Bajoran people who has some time and perspective from his time with the Prophets to advise JL.

Would warm my heart.

LDS 2x01 

Ugh I had to have it pointed out to me that most of the story beats from this ep are the same as 1x01. It's like poetry.

It rhymes.

Also ... do they really have the space to spare, to be using Boimler's old bunk as storage? And that mess certainly isn't regulation.

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LDS 2x01 

Welp, he's gone full Pride.

He has godlike powers and he's using them to lift.

Oh, giant floating head, that's more like it

Barnes is a Trill. Those are Trill spots. Okay.

Oh boulder. Is he dead?

Oh, guess not.

Uh oh, is life on the Titan a little too big band for Boimler? Stay tuned next week I guess

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LDS 2x01 

Oop, the opening is a little different. What are those weird other ships with the borg?

Rutherford has a new implant. AND HE'S DIFFERENT NOW UH OH

So the first "officially"-sanctioned Mariner sidequest we see goes sideways immediately. Shocking.

Why does Stevens look like Billups? Do they only have one design for background staff?

"I think he might be going godlike on us?"

"Let's not jump to conclusions until I run a few more tests."

This is the best Star Trek

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LDS 2x01 

Cardassians? Guess they haven't joined the Federation yet.

God Mariner is so OP.

Oh wait, this is a holodeck. nwcredpill

Ahh an OG Miranda, nice. 1877 was the ... hm, created for this episode apparently.

I'm sure there are a lot of background references in that escape sequence but I cba to pause it long enough to catch them all.

Staging Cardassian prison breaks for your exercise regimen does sound way more fun than yoga.

That was the teaser.

Alice Krige is the only Borg Queen, you can't change my mind

Personal log SD74948.6 

One thing they don't tell you about babies is how eager they are to destroy themselves. The little warrior loves to hurl herself towards the edges of couches and beds and she refuses to sleep in a position where her nose isn't being squished. She is constantly fighting sleep and charges towards the pets and her plushes heedless of any drops or climbs in the way.

She's the best.

VOY: Author, Author 

No, the "good guys" are those people on Voyager who are still a little racist towards their hologram servant but who are making a good-faith effort to make him equal.

Maybe it was progressive for the ... year 2001? Ugh. But however it was originally received, it comes across as at best awkward now.

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VOY: Author, Author 

This is Star Trek grappling with slavery and the granting of rights in a very overt, albeit white, way, and they kinda muffed it. The hint at the end that holograms will eventually revolt and earn their freedom doesn't make the Federation look like they're on the side of right, here. Not the good guys.

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VOY: Author, Author 

This is Measure of a Man for holograms and I cann't understand why the arbiter (or the crew, for that matter) didn't cite Data's case -- it had to have been noteworthy.

And the arbiter's decision at the end -- "I'm too chicken to make you a person but I'll make you an artist" -- weird direction to take things. Unsatisfying. A little uncomfortable, even.

Star Trek has always been about **white liberal** social justice

Are there sites out there that provide feature comparisons between competing Fediverse platforms?


mastodon vs misskey vs pleroma
writefreely vs plume

Personal log SD74894.6 

I have a child who is growing every day. They are sleeping through the night, they are laughing and playing and eating solid food. I've solved some of the problems that were keeping my fantasy worlds from coming together and I've generated a bunch of new background material to reflect this. We're vaccinated and stimulated.

And yet it still feels like there's "nothing new" going on. Status quo, days running together.

Do transporters kill you? 

... everyone pristine in their physical prime. Wounds? No problem. Cancer? Beam that shit right out of the body.

Transporters don't kill you because the writers are pretty clear that they don't -- they move you bodily from one location to another with shimmery visual effects, and that's *all* they do -- unless the writers need them to do something else so they can have, say, a fun holodeck romp, and in that case they do extra stuff for one episode and one only.

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Do transporters kill you? 

sometimes they're the molecule-scramblers that allow for the hope of not being dead while you're transported, and sometimes they're sophisticated 3D printers replicating a data pattern that can be stored and even duplicated. They can age you, de-age you, filter out disease, add or remove momentum, deactivate weapons. I don't know why anybody ever dies of age or disease in the Star Trek universe because the transporter should be able to undo all that, keeping ...

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Do transporters kill you? 

Still, if you believe in a soul as the "true self," then maybe it's somehow transmitted along, or reattaches to you when you're reassembled. If you're a pure materialist then I guess it depends on how you define the "self" -- the reassembled body is patently obviously a copy, but it's a perfect copy, living, with all of your memories. Is that you?

Transporters are existentially terrifying. And Trek vacillates on exactly how they work --

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Do transporters kill you? 

... of life. At the very least there's no Ship of Theseus problem, since you haven't swapped out the planks, you've just taken the ship apart and put it back together.

If, however, the transporter reduces you to a data pattern, a string of ones and zeros, and then sends that data via radio so you can be reassembled from matter on the ship, then that's different. Right? That's a genuine Ship of Theseus problem there. There's no material connection, you're a copy.

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Do transporters kill you? 

The transporters are the bit of Star Trek that are the closest to magic, and the canonical answer is pretty clearly "no." But can we trust canon? We don't do that here.

So. One way the transporter could work is by dissolving your constituent atoms into a collated particle beam, transmitting those particles to a receiver station, and reassembling you. You're still made up of the stuff you were originally made of, so there's an argument to be made for continuity ...

8000 light years across? 

So what are some other possible interpretations?

8000 cubic light years? That's one sector. (20x20x20=8000)

8000 sectors? That's a bit bigger than my 5 million ly3 estimate.

If one axis is 8000 ly, and the others are unstated, then the figure is essentially useless, telling us nothing about the Federation's size, save that it still takes their fastest ships almost a decade to make it from one end to the other.

Forget it. There's no way to make it make sense.

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8000 light years across? 

Consider that, at ten thousand ships, this would mean the Federation would have one ship for every twelve hundred sectors, nine point six million ly3, a volume of space two hundred light years to a side containing almost four million stars. One ship for all that space.

It's nonsense.

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