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Trekkie since '78
Best captain: Picard
Favorite captain: Sisko
Best/fav series: DS9
Favorite ship: Excelsior/BoP
Favorite alien: Deltan/Denobulan
Favorite movie: TMP
Worst movie: STID
ENT? Sure, was alright
JJverse? Get bent

Klingon cosplayer, blogger, trucker, gamer, activist. Autism advocate, pagan, cat lover. Star Trek's values are incompatible with neoliberalism/conservatism.

Located in US. Male pronouns are fine.

Feel free to say hi.

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Personnel Stub 

Personal log SD73068.1 

They really putting Brent Spiner back in that makeup? It's been thirty years

Thanks for Debian, XFCE, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mastodon, ejabberd, VLC, Handbrake, FFMPEG, LibreOffice, Kodi, OpenElec, LibreOffice, GIMP, Banshee, Synaptic, Gnome Builder, Gnome Disks, Polychromatic, OpenRazer, Pingus, Wireshark, Eclipse, LineageOS, and FreeNode. It's probably a little impolitic to mention them, but I also appreciate Wine and Lutris.

Personal log SD72555.5 

pets, medical emergency, asking for $ help 

Stardate wank 

Personal log SD72511.6 

Personal log SD72501.8 

Speaking of phones and phone operating systems that don’t track you!

@Purism ‘s Librem 5 dev kits are shipping!

#FOSS #FOSH #Privacy #Phones

Personal log SD72434.5 

Tonight on Enterprise
Hoshi has a transporter accident but really discovers why the spice must flow.

DS9 is the Star Trek series none of us deserve.

Other social media: Celebrities are fighting over nothing, the walmart account makes a joke that is actually an advertisement, people report horrific worldwide events with no warning, a random person tells you they want to fuck, it is 7:40 am

Mastodon: A person you met yesterday says they think your glasses make you look strong, someone reports "lex luthor has a cute dick uwu," your friend smiles at you through a mouth full of beans and says "good morbnib sweaty," it is 2:30 pm

liberals: what the hell, this company fucked us all over!
leftists: yeah that happens a lot, huh
liberals: yeah! they don't care about anything but profit!
leftists: mhmm
liberals: well i guess the only option is to switch to another company
leftists: hmm but what if it happens again
liberals: ahh what can you do
leftists: mmmmmm
liberals: yup there's nothing that can be done
leftists: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

the era of social media 

Matrix is software for instant messaging. It can be used to host large chat rooms, end to end encrypted communication, and audio/video calls. Many people use it to decentralize instant messaging, so that Whatsapp, Facebook, and Apple iMessage don't have all of your messages in their servers.

The best part: you can easily host your own Matrix messaging server on your #FreedomBox. Just click "install" and watch the installation happen!

With Matrix on #FreedomBox, you control your data.

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