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Trekkie since '78
Best captain: Picard
Favorite captain: Sisko
Best/fav series: DS9
Favorite ship: Excelsior/BoP
Favorite alien: Deltan/Denobulan
Favorite movie: TMP
Worst movie: STID
ENT? Sure, was alright
JJverse? Get bent

Klingon cosplayer, blogger, trucker, gamer, activist. Autism advocate, pagan, cat lover. Star Trek's values are incompatible with neoliberalism/conservatism.

Located in US. Male pronouns are fine.

Feel free to say hi.

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Personnel Stub 

Name: Franklin Benjamin Winter, nee jaq'qiB of house qul'cha
Service No: LN-823-959
Rank: O4/Major
Callsign: Paladin
Status: Active
Division: SFMC/MACO
Billet: Commander, 3rd platoon, MACO Team 7
Birthdate: SD26648.2
Heritage: Klingon/Deltan, raised on Earth
Parents: Ciele of Delta IV (mother), D'Kora of house qul'cha (father), LCDR Thomas Winter (adopted father)
Education: Academy class of '73: Engineering, Astrophysics, Philosophy (min); MACO class of '79

USpol and totalitarianism, a thread 

From Wikipedia:

"Totalitarian regimes are often characterized by extensive political repression, a complete lack of democracy, widespread personality cultism, absolute control over the economy, restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of state terrorism. Other aspects of a totalitarian regime includes the use of concentration camps, repressive secret police, religious persecution or state atheism, extensive practice of capital punishment, possible possession of WMDs, fraudulent elections (if they take place), and potentially state-sponsored mass murder and genocides."

So with all that in mind, is the US a totalitarian regime?

(The rest unlisted, click on thread to read)

USPol, if you're not planning to vote 

Vote for Sanders for me, since I'm not sure my right to vote is intact. Voter roll purges, reporting 'difficulties', and understaffing of polling places in black neighborhoods have been rampant so my vote may be suppressed. Thx.

Bad actors who complain, "your rhetoric will alienate [oppressor group] allies from your movement!" implicitly threaten you to coddle them lest they revoke their allyship. Allyship should never be conditional to feeling comfortable with radical marginalized speech and action. Allyship is a no-strings-attached recognition and acknowledgement of a marginalized group's humanity and right to liberation. Be wary of those in our spaces that propagate such rhetoric of "conditional allyship." Over.

brexshit, English nationalism bollocksology 

Really have to laugh (to avoid crying, mainly) at the bigoted xenophobic English papers still banging on about “our INDEPENDENCE DAY”.

Lads, did the EU loot your cultural treasures, expropriate your resources, bankrupt you and kill your leaders?

Did they spend centuries attempting to erase your culture, creating local versions of their own Parliament, civil service and the like, a civil service which excluded all but a few of your population?

Did they round up troublesome agitators in the population, throw them in concentration camps, kill them arbitrarily, torture them and then destroy all evidence of their actions?


Then fuck off!

I had no fucking clue the CIA had orchestrated a coup in Australia not even fifty years ago, christ

Possibly Hot Take: a core ideological aspect of leftism is shaping policy around the messiness of the human experience instead of vice versa, so if your sole joy in life is being a terrifying emotionless juggernaut wrought from encyclopedic knowledge of theory and flawless dialectics, on a ceaseless crusade to expose and publicly shame those who Don't Do Leftisim Good Enough... you have already failed at doing leftism.

Personal log SD73466.3 

I don't really see what all the fuss is about. It's not even an even ten, much less an even thousand.

RoS spoilers (1/4) 

Okay, lemme preface this by saying that this movie hit me right in the feels because I am weak against nostalgia and redemption arcs and that's a 125% damage bonus right there. Also I really need to see a movie like this at least twice before really spotting the flaws since the first time is just such a rush.

That being said.

For a soft, lazy remake of Jedi it was actually really good. I went in with low expectations (because ugh bringing back Palpatine? Come the fuck on) but was pleasantly surprised. This might even be the best thing JJ Abrams has ever made, which is a low bar to clear, but still.

The number one thing I'm annoyed with is they completely undid the entire previous movie. I may be the only person who liked the takeaway from that movie but like it I did so a return to the "chosen one" well was disappointing.

I honestly didn't call Rey's provenance. That one came as a surprise to me.

Spicy trek take 

So today I realized that Star Trek is basically tankie wish fulfillment.

It features a post-capitalist egalitarian society that features a very strong military that is held up as an example of the best and brightest the Federation can produce. And because the show is about Starfleet, who (mostly) enjoy the benefit of heroic infallibility and can easily be written to hold to their ideals, the authoritarian "peacekeeping armada" can be portrayed as an unambiguous good.

Personal log SD73068.1 

Been a while since I've done one of these, whew.

I have a dog, a partner, and as of today, a sailboat to live on. A few more weeks up north and then we're headed south to fix it up.

Also apparently I'm a Maoist? Who knew.

Still need to watch DSC season 2 and that Picard trailer looks awesome even if it's just Logan in Space.

They really putting Brent Spiner back in that makeup? It's been thirty years

Thanks for Debian, XFCE, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mastodon, ejabberd, VLC, Handbrake, FFMPEG, LibreOffice, Kodi, OpenElec, LibreOffice, GIMP, Banshee, Synaptic, Gnome Builder, Gnome Disks, Polychromatic, OpenRazer, Pingus, Wireshark, Eclipse, LineageOS, and FreeNode. It's probably a little impolitic to mention them, but I also appreciate Wine and Lutris.

Personal log SD72555.5 

Not much new to say, I just like the date.

Haven't been watching DIS since I need to catch my mate up on Trek before we can watch it together, and that's going to be a task. Thinking of picking the 5-6 best episodes of each season and showing her those because the full marathon would take us to DIS s4 to complete and I don't want to wait that long.

Kind of also want to rewatch BSG and B5 but there aren't enough hours in the day. Oh well.

pets, medical emergency, asking for $ help 

Friends and compatriots of, there's not really a clever or zippy way to say this: my cat Celeste has a medical emergency and I need all the help I can get to make sure I don't go broke or hungry while she gets medical attention.

Any little bit counts. I would be eternally grateful for any and all help the fediverse can provide.

Stardate wank 

For those wondering, I use the TNG epoch for my Stardates, where SD41000 is equivalent to July 15, 1987, and the Stardate given in Encounter at Farpoint is the airdate of that ep.

There are other epochs -- STO has their own (in the 96xxx range now), there's the jjverse stupid epoch, there's ones backdating from TOS, I think there's one based on the Star Fleet games, etc. There are at least six; of them, I like TNG the best.

Personal log SD72511.6 

Still in Texas. Anticipating heading north early next week but we'll see.

Have potential paid writing opportunity wherein I get to plug the Fediverse to a new audience. Hope that goes somewhere.

New DIS tonight but I probably won't be watching as mate has not seen Star Trek. And I feel like jumping right into DIS is a bit deep-endish.

Not like we won't have all kinda time to catch up between seasons.

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