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Can I just say to all you , thanks for being you. I forget sometimes how the world can be better reading the news, or twitter or facebook. But this place just seems so much more humaahn, nerdy and weird, just like home. Don't ever change.

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Rule of Mastodition #128 

It's bots all the way down.
An ancient Ferengi legend says that every user is is just a bot create for the First User to talk to. Then those bots created other bots to talk to and on and on. Some believe that in the end there is only one real user in the entire Fediverse, with multiple accounts talking to themself or bots descended from the ones they created talking to each other.

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Rule of Mastodition #21: 

There are no cool people on Mastodon.

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In honour of this Very Special Day, I'd just like to say milkshakes will all be blue today*. May the Warpfield be with you, Always.

* - Blue colouring an extra .25 BGPL

Star Trek Discovery S4 Teaser Trailer #stdisco 

If it's the Nexus then we could have communication with people from the past, maybe even Picard, Kirk and Guinan. The mind boggles. If they were really ambitious you could even link the Picard and Discovery season this way, if your careful with ordering and timelines.

I mean, probably not.

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Star Trek Discovery S4 Teaser Trailer #stdisco 

And finally, the big one.

The new mystery for season 4. The 5 light year wide, gravitational anomaly,erratic, destructive, terrifying.

What do you think it is?

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Star Trek Discovery S4 Teaser Trailer #stdisco 

- what species is that lady, just pause it...Rom

no go back! Her ridges are too subtle, I can't make it out. The lighting is so moody.

They seem to making a big deal out of her not being Federation (snarl)...


Oh, right.

I do believe she's Cardassian.

Say what you like about Cardissians, and I usually do, but THEY, have a strong brand.

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Star Trek Discovery S4 Teaser Trailer #stdisco 

Minor, but great!, things:
- view of planet vulcan! sorry Ni'Var is it? "Never mess with an established brand after a merger" - ROA39
- an actual mind meld, nice
- colour! Red/gold/blue uniforms are back

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Star Trek Discovery S4 Teaser Trailer #stdisco 

Spoilers? Have we got spoilers for you.
Well, actually it's just a flavour. Watch then we'll discuss.

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"Last night at the protest in front of Brooklyn Center PD for #DaunteWright, as militarized State troopers, National Guard, and DNR officers moved in to brutally enforce an arbitrary curfew, an anonymous hero pulled off the most daring dearrest this year so far." - @/VitalistInt on birdsite, video from @unicornriot

SportsCenter Top 10 highlight - the announcer's call in alt text (no violence/brutality in video except for the existence of a riot cop line/attempted and failed kidnapping)

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Star Trek: Picard - Announced character for Season 2 

Yes. Yes! YES!
"The trial never ends."
#JohnDeLancie is confirmed to reprise his role of #Q in season 2 of #StarTrekPicard!

I so hope that everyone involved in #STPicard won't fuck this up...

Also, I'm calling it already: Q will explain away his aged appearance as making feel a clearly aged #Picard feel more comfortable with a little devious comment about how he didn't want to make #JeanLuc feel older than he is.

So.... @Q

*I* heard, that your going to be dropping in in old Admiral Picard again. Up to your old tricks?

10 bars of latnum says that after he tells you to get the hell off his ship, he'll ask you what happened to Vash.

So much joy this past two weeks retreating into Voyager episodes I never saw. I really like Voyager, not as the greatest storylines or acting necessarily, but as the best long ensemble with a bit of continuity. There is a progression to home and the characters get time to grow.

Somehow I missed 7, although I've seen the series finale, I didn't see most of the season 7 episodes. So during these long weeks, a new ep of Voyager is my rest and recharge. It's great.

DnD cancelled for this week! What will I do now!? Oh, all that work in behind on?

No, but seriously.

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The Voyager documentary crowd funding campaign kicked off yesterday! It's already fully funded, but close to its final stretch goal. If you can, pitch 'em a few bucks. It's by the same people who did the DS9 doco, so you know it's good.

So, recently I've been watching late-series Voyager while I wash glasses and count do accounts, and I realized...I never fully watched seasons 6 and 7 when it was new. I saw the series finale at some point, so I KNOW, but there have been at least 4 or 5 full episodes I've never even know about. Last night was another one, "Inside Man". It was great and completely unexpected.

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Does anyone need a drink? Prices are as usual, but in consideration of the seemingly never ending Rigelian plague ravaging the station, we'll be offering a <gackgh-blegg!> Free-e, I mean... free bowl of Androian Welter Crisps with every alcholholic beverage. They have antimicrobial properties!

And they are guaranteed* perfectly safe to eat...for most carbon-based lifeforms.

* no guarantee implied

So anyways, was watching some old records of @Q's first contact with the Federation (snarl) recently, and he really lost a profit opportunity with that Farpoint Station fiasco.

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Someone mentioned the eighth be some parallel universe episodes in Voyager an I'm like "now now, I know voyager" I grabbed my suspenders and everything!

So anyways, I look up some likely episodes (they were cryptic in their clue) and watched some season 2 eps, and you know what? I must have skipped it.

Looked up "non-sequitur". But I missed the whole season it seems. Neat stuff.

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prosecuting Palpatine would just divide the galaxy even more

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