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Can I just say to all you , thanks for being you. I forget sometimes how the world can be better reading the news, or twitter or facebook. But this place just seems so much more humaahn, nerdy and weird, just like home. Don't ever change.

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Rule of Mastodition #128 

It's bots all the way down.
An ancient Ferengi legend says that every user is is just a bot create for the First User to talk to. Then those bots created other bots to talk to and on and on. Some believe that in the end there is only one real user in the entire Fediverse, with multiple accounts talking to themself or bots descended from the ones they created talking to each other.

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Rule of Mastodition #21: 

There are no cool people on Mastodon.

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The 2020 ActivityPub virtual conference begins tomorrow (2nd October 2020), featuring pre-recorded talks, live Q&As and more, all about the technical standard that powers the Fedverse.

You can follow the official PeerTube channel (including the pre-recorded talks) at:

➡️ @apconf

...and the official PixelFed account at:

➡️ @apconf

The official website is at

#APConf #APConf2020 #ActivityPub #Conference #Fediverse #Federation #Federated #TechNews #Hackathon #Talks

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Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social - Details 

This is not an action I take lightly; is the largest instance in the fediverse that we federate with. I know for a fact this action will affect our user base (it affects me, too!) and for that I apologize.

As the admin of this instance, I refuse to federate with an instance that publicly mocks users for filing reports.

Receipts were started here:

The trolling mod's profile:

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I hear @Q, that there may be a sighting of your omnipotent self imminently?

Ferengi Politics 

So anyways...Grand Negas Rom is proposing a new plan of providing health care for free to all citizens and a guaranteed basic income for everyone of 5 strips of Latium a month to "fall back on".

I dont get it, just giving money away, what are you going to get? More "artists" and ~creatives~ making things to sell. Sounds like a humahn idea to me.

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'Making fun of people for not knowing something trains them not to give you moments where you get to share in the delight of them discovering new things.' - Randall Monroe

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This live subspace simulcast is really relieving everyone's stress about the Corvidarian Plague ravaging the galaxy.

But if I might complain just a bit, it is not doing anything for my drink sales.

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covid thoughts 

i hope once we are past this people will look at this time period and make the connection that universal healthcare, housing rights, fair wages and fair sick time will also reduce seasonal flu deaths (and all other illnesses etc etc but im especially hoping people make this mental jump)

So Sisko has decided to close all the bars and restaurants to be delivery only. I know a lot of people are stuff in their quarters going crazy, so Rom has rigged up some delivery drones to bring you freshly made cocktails from the bar. Only 20% delivery charge. Don't drink that synthehol stuff from your replicator, I heard it just makes the virus stronger.

I swear to the great gluttnous Guiding Hand Himself, this is my only place of peace on the internet. I keep reading news and Twitter and come away more depressed. But here I feel there is less depravity in some way.

Ok, what the hell, one free glass of Romulan Ale on the house for all.

Speaking of our shifty, green blooded neighbors. How does everyone else feel about their portrayal so far in Picard? I love the deep side stories about the Tal Shiar and the fighting nuns.

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"The past is written, but the future is left for us to write, and we have powerful tools, openness, optimism, and the spirit of curiosity. All they have is secrecy and fear, and fear is the great destroyer ..."
- #StarTrek #Picard

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But if you try to steal toilet paper from the lab @Morn will phase you.

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I'd just like to let everyone know that the Promenade Bar will remain open during this quarantine. And furthermore, because I'm a generous, warm hearted fool, price increases on drinks will be limited to 150%.

You're welcome.

Picard Ep 8 .... 

Wow, it's so good. I punched the air when they explained the first contact idea. So perfect. It's really a next step for the entire universe. It's not about warp, it's about minds amd computation.

It even makes the Disccovery plotline make sense.

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