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Can I just say to all you , thanks for being you. I forget sometimes how the world can be better reading the news, or twitter or facebook. But this place just seems so much more humaahn, nerdy and weird, just like home. Don't ever change.

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Rule of Mastodition #128 

It's bots all the way down.
An ancient Ferengi legend says that every user is is just a bot create for the First User to talk to. Then those bots created other bots to talk to and on and on. Some believe that in the end there is only one real user in the entire Fediverse, with multiple accounts talking to themself or bots descended from the ones they created talking to each other.

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Rule of Mastodition #21: 

There are no cool people on Mastodon.

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Does anyone need a drink? Prices are as usual, but in consideration of the seemingly never ending Rigelian plague ravaging the station, we'll be offering a <gackgh-blegg!> Free-e, I mean... free bowl of Androian Welter Crisps with every alcholholic beverage. They have antimicrobial properties!

And they are guaranteed* perfectly safe to eat...for most carbon-based lifeforms.

* no guarantee implied

So anyways, was watching some old records of @Q's first contact with the Federation (snarl) recently, and he really lost a profit opportunity with that Farpoint Station fiasco.

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Someone mentioned the eighth be some parallel universe episodes in Voyager an I'm like "now now, I know voyager" I grabbed my suspenders and everything!

So anyways, I look up some likely episodes (they were cryptic in their clue) and watched some season 2 eps, and you know what? I must have skipped it.

Looked up "non-sequitur". But I missed the whole season it seems. Neat stuff.

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prosecuting Palpatine would just divide the galaxy even more

#DiscoveryFinale Great River of Profit...that was something 

Did you like it?
Do you not have a soul inside that meat husk?
It was excellent. Not even overly sappy like some of the episodes this season and so much action.

Lot's to say about this, but maybe this weekend.


I was really hoping Molly would pull up for second, she is surprisingly fearsome.

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Best food for babies:

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Who is the greatest uber powerful child weapon in sci-fi?

Who is the greatest uber powerful child weapon in sci-fi?

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while all we really want is nap & ball, we must attain mastery of our skills and put them to the antifascist struggle, just as baby Grogu truly has no choice but to seek out a Jedi to complete his training

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Like tiny Grogu, we are all just small beings born into a big, scary galaxy. We all have powers/abilities we'd like to use for our own purposes (using the Force to play with a ball) but the existence of fascism deprives us of the freedom to explore our power and potential on our own terms. Even before we know what is happening we are torn between different sides in vast conlict

Season 3 Disco Talk ... 

I hope Geogriou's illness isn't just age but some convoluted plot that will give her a reason to

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Season 3 Disco Talk ... 

I love Discovery, and the new season is mind-blowing and exciting for all the stuff that is happening.

In a way, I feel they are wasting a bit of potential with such a crazy new setting by spending so much time on character development.

But I don't really mean that! Character development is what makes shows great over time!
Although it is a bit soppy even for the Federation (snarl...)

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Today as you injest your stimulant to recover from last night's run on the megacorp, jacking in to the warm glow of pixels being flung at your mirror-shade covered eyes,

Try to remember the true meaning of Cyber Monday.

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The 2020 ActivityPub virtual conference begins tomorrow (2nd October 2020), featuring pre-recorded talks, live Q&As and more, all about the technical standard that powers the Fedverse.

You can follow the official PeerTube channel (including the pre-recorded talks) at:

➡️ @apconf

...and the official PixelFed account at:

➡️ @apconf

The official website is at

#APConf #APConf2020 #ActivityPub #Conference #Fediverse #Federation #Federated #TechNews #Hackathon #Talks

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Suspending Federation with Mastodon.Social - Details 

This is not an action I take lightly; is the largest instance in the fediverse that we federate with. I know for a fact this action will affect our user base (it affects me, too!) and for that I apologize.

As the admin of this instance, I refuse to federate with an instance that publicly mocks users for filing reports.

Receipts were started here:

The trolling mod's profile:

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I hear @Q, that there may be a sighting of your omnipotent self imminently?

Ferengi Politics 

So anyways...Grand Negas Rom is proposing a new plan of providing health care for free to all citizens and a guaranteed basic income for everyone of 5 strips of Latium a month to "fall back on".

I dont get it, just giving money away, what are you going to get? More "artists" and ~creatives~ making things to sell. Sounds like a humahn idea to me.

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'Making fun of people for not knowing something trains them not to give you moments where you get to share in the delight of them discovering new things.' - Randall Monroe

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