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Rule of Mastodition #128 

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Rule of Mastodition #21: 

Your favourite drink is to you is like

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me, age 15: I think we should provide basic necessities to people

my dad: you'll become more conservative when you're an adult

me, legally an adult:
:hacker_e:​:hacker_a:​:hacker_t:​ :hacker_t:​:hacker_h:​:hacker_e: :hacker_r:​:hacker_i:​:hacker_c:​:hacker_h:

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Unfaithful boyfriend meme where Quark looks aghast as Rom turns to check out Karl Marx in a red dress

I don't know... something about that "planter" seems awfully familiar.

Just watching an old episode, Inquisition, first time we found out about Section 31. I never noticed Sisko has has a model of the ISS in there, I guess I'm not in his office much.

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Fear of the unknown is fear of the non-existent.

Be mighty.

I recently discovered that I somehow missed most of Voyager season 6 on the original run so now I have these wonderful story nuggets that are still new to me. It's exciting. Just watched the one where Seven comes across three other former drones from her old unimatrix.

What series do you wish there were some episodes you missed and could watch new now? Who would be in it?

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Oh hey, my 1000th toot! I better make it good. How about a poll? Since CBS loves making new spinoffs so much, why not a DS9 spinoff 20 years later in the same universe at "Picard"? What should it be about? (warning#1: thread of answers could have spoilers for DS9 if you haven't watched it all) (warning#2: these are purposely bad)

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I haven't noticed it but from posts I'm seeing, it sounds like there has been another migratory wave from legacy social web services into the .

I wrote a brief resource aimed at those sorts of users, to help them find a footing in how to communicate here.

I hope it's useful or entertaining!

I just came back from watching the "What We left Behind" DS9 documentary at my local cinema. Really fun and enlightening views from the cast, they didn't steer away from the controversies and the problems. But they were all really proud of their show and seem like a real family.

And Armin Shimmerman has some serious lobes even without makeup.

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Mental health (starts - swerves towards +) 

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Just went to put my cup of tea in the microwave because I let it get cold and found an old cup of tea in there

Avengers Endgame Discussion II 

Avengers Endgame Discussion Placeholder (spoilers obviously) 

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Favorite child?

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*reads article about the cast of the next James Bond movie*

*stops reading out of frustration with a throwaway line about an upcoming Romeo and Juliet sequel film in which Rosaline is somehow a Capulet, because the whole point of Rosaline was that she was a safe match for Romeo*

(like if she's a Capulet because she marries Paris, that's fine, but I don't have that kind of confidence in the film industry)

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