So, I heard the officers talking on the promenade that the first short epsiode will come out in October. Time to fire to the old Mastodon machine again. (Birdsite's been getting unbearable anyways.) Who's excited? And are you more excited about this or the new Doctor Who or about Picard. Biiiiit of tossup here behind the bar, excited all around.

@kosh I don't know, it's risky. I'm going it will be great, I'm sure everyone will be careful to do it right. But what could they do? I'd love to see him doing galactic archaeology.

@quark Oh, it could very easily be screwed up and done wrong, and I actually have no doubt that they will do just that. However, I'm still much more excited by the mere chance of them not ruining it than by Dr. Who.

@kosh fair enough, I'm just always excited about doctor who.

@quark Count me as excited! I enjoyed Disco and will be glad to have Trek back on the air. That being said, I’d be lying if I were to say I’m not more excited about the return of Picard. So intrigued to see the next story they’re going to tell about his life.

@quark I am the most excited about this followed by Picard and then Who...

@quark #Picard for sure. I'm confident that the #Discovery trainer wheels will be off by the time they get into production, and they'll take the character and Trek universe somewhere really new. It will be a relief to be back in the future of any existing Trek, so the design and FX teams can go crazy on new tech without breaking continuity left, right, and centre (looking at you Discovery designers. Holo-comms? Harrumph!).

@quark the new #DoctorWho turned out to be a real anti-climax. I struggled through the whole thing because I really wanted the first season with a female Doctor to a turning point for the series The new cast are great, and do their best with what they're given, and there are a few great moments. But overall the writing is awful, all the worst self-parody/ fan-fic sloppiness of the worst of post-reboot Who rolled into one season. The New Year special was especially appalling. Just a mess. *sigh*

@quark honourable mention to the guy who played #TzimSha. Despite being introduced in the pilot as a lame duck villain worthy of an #AustinPowers movie ("Tim Shaw?"), he managed to inject some genuine menace into his second appearance later in the season, reminiscent of the original incarnation of the Master (Roger Delgado)

@strypey I'm a bit more positive about it, I think the acting and characters were quite good, but yes the actual storylines were almost amateur for what we've come to expect. Maybe it was the explicit lack of continuity in a villain. I'm hoping next season will fix a lot of that now that everyone is properly introduced.

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