Just me and @Morn up on the Ten Forward profile directory.
Fine with me, but I'm sure some of the regulars will join eventually @DS9 @Omega_Molecule @paladin @guinan

@paladin   ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎   ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎   ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎   ᠎     ᠎    ᠎  @quark @DS9 @Omega_Molecule @guinan

@quark @Morn @Omega_Molecule @paladin @guinan The Vulcan Profile Directory has determined that time travel is impossible.

@quark @Morn @DS9 @paladin @guinan Just joined. Hadn't noticed that directory before--thanks for the heads up!

@Omega_Molecule @Morn @DS9 @paladin @guinan me neight and I've been here for eons, I think it's quite new. The universe is being upgraded daily.

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