Star Trek Discover S2E4 

Great River of Profit that was a lot of stuff packed into one episode!
I'm not complaining, but wow.
I could have done with a little less on the sentimental supportiveness parts, I love that but it went on a bit. Especially when I couldn't really believe that Saru would die, it was all too quick and clearly wasn't going to happen. But as a plot point for moving his character forward out of fear, it's great.

What else.. Tilly!...

Star Trek Discover S2E4 

I mean, she's having a rough time right? I didn't believe that drilling the device into her head thing, then mentioned to somone else and they're like, Hu-mahns don't have pain receptors in brain, so that's not so unrealistic. Weird. Species.

I assume she's no in the mushroomverse and they'll have to track her down?

I loved al the Babelling languages part, neat idea they should play with more.

Also, pulling out the holocommunication on Enterprise, great little point.

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