Star Trek Discovery S2E5 thoughts 

It's all about the mushrooms baby!

Tilly walking through the mycilial (sic) network with her frenemy May. I think it's great how May transformed from a fun characters, to evil to complex and even having her own revelation about the point of view of other beings. Also, has there ever, like EVER, been a character with a Caribbean accent in all of Star Trek? I do not think so.

Doctor Culber...oh we all


Star Trek Discovery S2E5 thoughts 

Doctor Culber...oh we all saw that coming right? I mean, I didn't know how they were going to do it, but they've been clear he would not stay dead and he's in the network sooo. But I think it's actually well done. He never died at all really. He was copied into the network when he died and they resuscitated him out of scientific curiosity. So great to see Stamets (sic) happy for once.

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