I just came back from watching the "What We left Behind" DS9 documentary at my local cinema. Really fun and enlightening views from the cast, they didn't steer away from the controversies and the problems. But they were all really proud of their show and seem like a real family.

And Armin Shimmerman has some serious lobes even without makeup.

@quark i regret not seeing this in theaters, but we haven't actually finished ds9 yet - have been parceling out the season or so because we're going to be so depressed when there's no more of it - and figured we'd better finish the show first.

glad to hear it's good.

@brennen oh yes good idea, it will look fine on a good tv anyways, but if you haven't finished DS9 series there would be spoilers in the doc for sure.

@quark That was pretty much my impression too. It was a fun trip down memory lane, and I was happy to see that they seem like a real family even now. Getting to see DS9 scenes in HD was a real treat, too. 🍿

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