Going over to a good friends house tomorrow to play this Hu-mahn game called DnD for the first time ever. Yes, I know. Tips? Warnings? Advice?

@quark Bring a notebook, take notes, and use it against the DM later.

@quark dice / pencil / paper. but more importantly, have fun, and do not hold back! DMs love to react to players doing the unexpectedd.

Be open to your party; if your group role plays, don't be afraid to jump in and be silly / dramatic / earnest. don't be afraid to ask questions and all for clarity. If they're combat-focused, swing for the fences! #dnd statistically favours the player so you're more likely to hit than miss, and either way bigger hits and misses are more fun.

@quark Have fun! Don't be afraid to fail. The best things happen when stuff goes totally pear-shaped. :)

@thynctank So, Scrayden Jellek performed well, he did not find the orb which he seeks but he made some friends and helped them defeat a foe. A good adventure all in all.

@quark Enjoy it, I hear the latest edition is great fun.

Be aware RPGs are very diverse and don't think DnD is typical, there are some IMO much better designs. Enjoy it all!

@bignose we did the classic one I guess? It was fun, everyone in group had only been playing for a few months so it was a good first intro for me.

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