You know how sometimes you waste time doing something you've been wanting to get to and go completely overboard....well, I finally created a website on github pages with jekyll to unify my intermittent desire to blog longer form about things. So I put up a post-game analysis for the current polls. But tomorrow I'm going to do some proper work...honest.

The Great Galactic Scowlathon!

Round 4 of 4, quarterfinals.

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Cashier: Alright, that'll be $4.84.

Me: Cool, y'all take boins?

Cashier: I'm sorry, what?

Me: (bean coins)

Cashier: Shut the fuck up

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The Great Galactic Scowlathon continues!

Round 3 of 4, quarterfinals:

Gotta say I'm a bit surprised here, I mean no one can Express his displeasure more subtly and utterly than the chief, but I thought Stamets withering gaze or Riker's adorable outrage would do better.

Sigh, Kira's scowl. I miss it so. Not surprised she won, but Tuvok was so close! That was exciting.

Finally a non DS9 character's Judgement Of You is winning out, I was starting to wonder if this competition was rigged...don't worry I vet on all horses. One tomorrow tobeound off the quarter finals then we'll have head to head of the winners.

oh it's going to be a close finish, getting exciting.

The Great Galactic Scowlathon continues!

Round 3 of 4, quarterfinals:

@cstanhope I live to serve.

That'll be two bars of Gold Pressed Latinum.

@Morn Well that IS interesting, excuse me a minute...

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@cstanhope @wohali It's pretty out. I didn't know about it until it did a limited run in theatres recently. But there was a crowdfunding a couples years ago for it. It's pretty great.

@PrisonHipster @applebaps @wohali and Doctor Bashir. In the documentary the actor who plays Garek was very up front about. He played Garek as wanting to get into Bahir's pants.

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