@Omega_Molecule I've actually never tried mastodon.social, it was locked down when I joined, now it's invite only, do you have invites? I might like to take a look.

@akuchling that's exciting, didn't even know this was happening now. Trying to find out when it's due to land.

Although I gotta say, as a businessman, turning the tables on your adversaries by taking human form and becoming president of the company that creates the universe you all were created from is a pretty clever move. Profitable too.

So Nintendo should just run with this and make a new version of Mario World: CEO Smashdown where Mario and Luigi try to get through various Nintendo buildings to defeat Pres. Bowser and release the Princess from her ridiculous NDA and non-compete agreements.

Mastodon usage question:
How many instances are you involved in?
Do you use the same id everywhere?
What are one or two great communities worth joining?

Long ago, when the galaxy was young, I joined several other worlds in the federation (snarl). Now I only remain active here and one other place (undercover though).
But I'm a people person, there aren't enough suckers, I mean fascinating people, to interact with here. And whenever I end up on Birdsite I get down.
So suggestions are welcome.

@Ricardus It's not that I LIKE it...it's that it's a fixed point in my psyche. If you watched TNG in highschool, that season cliffhanger was the worst/best cliffhanger for any show ever. And Locutus was just so cool. But I think a lot of is attachment to the moment when we first saw it, there are better Borg episodes later on.

@sorreltyree ...maybe? something about trying to divide themselves off into their own entity feels like a big old carpetbag folding in on itself. Maybe it's just me.

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I don't can't how passionate you are about it.

@ASIC I'm not in to all that retro stuff, I prefer music projected straight into my ears with holofield projection as mature intended.

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