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So, @guinan ... how hard is it really to run a mastodon instance of your own? I'm thinking of creating one and inviting my IRL friends from facebook and elsewhere to join just to keep in touch. Note, I'm very technical but have limited patience for servers and system setups. Is it possible to run an instance in a simple way for your friends without too much hassle day to day?

ugh facebook! Great River of Profit! Just when I think I know the extent of their depravity, we find out there's another layer.

Don't get me wrong, they'd make great Ferengi. If I were running that money machine I'd sell people's information high and low.

But I'm not running it. I'm a user. And I am agast at how much access of *my* information they have giving to others. (Turns around in a huff).


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Anyone got stats on how big the is, we seem to be getting a lot of Trekkies. Oh no, where are the Whovians going?

Thank you to all our new Patreon subscribers for your support!

$19 of $25 per month

"When I reach $25 per month, I will break even on the costs of running the Mastodon server."

$6 dollars away from reaching the first goal!

I haven't done one of these in a while so if you wish to support the hosting costs of, you can do so either via Patreon for recurring payments or PayPal for one time donations.

All donations are directly applied to my Linode account credit and used for paying for the server

Thank you for your help!



Thinking about the history of computing technology. For Humaahns computers were mostly developed for military purposes. Yes yes, Holerith, fine there was a bit of census in there. But A LOT of it was code breaking, nuclear simulations, artillery and missile control, etc.

But what OTHER usage of computing could have been an alternate impetus for development of computers? Finance!

TV Pitch: ST Series of Ferengi history of development of computing to compute debts and finances. I know right?!

At 40, reading the Pioneer program site ( which mention "a community of creative young people ", I realise that I'm too old to be considered young :-)

Not even sad about that, actually, just realising how this language is excluding people.

if Jesus were alive today replublicans would hate him for being a furry

Some great posts on the birdsite from star trek disco account about panel today in UK somewhere.

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Doctor who... So uh, who is... Show more

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Rom....where's the case of Saurian brandy I got in last week? And don't answer with a damn poem @ferengi_poetry

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