Rough day. I had to put an employee on final notice. I have worked with her for nearly a year. The problem is that she does not like people. Tough stance for what we do. I am kind of lost. Very sad. I like her. However, after all of this time she just does not seem to care. I just offered her a choice of two other positions. Damn, I feel guilty but, it is she who does not seem to really care. I kind of feel like a failure in not being able to bring her closer to what we need. .....

Not many people know this little music fact but EP stands for "ee pee"

First time in a long time that I have felt so old - joining you all. I do not care. I know my heart and it has always been young. I learn from anyone, no ego involved. Just an odd feeling. Have not had it in so long. Hope you are having a great Friday night/Saturday morning.

Ten Forward

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