Updated digital commission post!
Have a gander if you'd like an OC drawn, or one of your favourite characters (I'd love to do some Star Trek commissions, but have yet to do examples. So expect me to spam this once more)
My prices:
Ones with backgrounds (like these) - $65 / £50
Full Figures - $45 / £35
Busts - $33 / £25
More of my work here :

@sajan do you do avatar commissions?

I’m looking for avatar commissions for my horse head avatar. The only rules are: the head has to be peeking in from the left, he has to have a similarly dumb look on his face, and the background has to be weird. Like he’s taking a selfie. I’ve attached some examples. Let me know if that interests you! Email is Thanks for your consideration!

@horsemans Yes! That sounds fantastic actually - i'll drop an email now :)

@sajan These are gorgeous and if I weren't broke I'd be all over this somehow. *Reblogs* May you get many patrons! (And if not, maybe consider going over to KBoards Writers' Cafe and doing book covers, your style'd be RAD for it!)

Thanks so much for the kind words/retoot - it means a lot! Here's wishing that you always crawl out of the broke-hole too.
And! One of the commissions I've gotten from posting this is actually a book cover that I'm actually really excited about :D

@sajan Your work is so gorgeous! I love the way you are using texture in the flat colors

Hello! And thanks so much :)Your work is also RAD (though I've yet to snoop at it on a large screen)

I absolutely love your art!
I feel like I could hang half your images in my home!

I'd love to commission an avatar, but I'm not completely sure, what I want...
I don't have really hard constraints, but I really like the style of 70ies scifi book covers, like the "crystal eyed gorgons party hard" picture in your instagram and images with a lot of cables and wires, maybe some cyberpunk.
Would you like to do that?
I can send you photos of me, but I doesn't need to be super faithful.

@Mopsitravels Hey! This was actually a super nice message to wake up to and has cheered me up a considerably, so thanks for that. I'd love to do a commission - though I don't think I could do it for at least another week as I'm currently behind on a couple of other jobs. If that's okay, then I'd still be really up to doing it!
(And hell yes to 70s scifi art/lots of cables.)

That is nice to hear! 😊

I'm in no rush at all, so take your time.

If you have any questions, just contact me. 👍

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