Oh yeah, I took some photos of the very wet London pavement on Monday. I'm presenting them here upside-down

Also, I'll take the opportunity to post this Escher piece called "Three Worlds" - which is what sprang to my mind as I was snapping those pics of the pavement. I thiiink it's my favourite piece by him? At least one of my favourites.

@GwenfarsGarden Cheers! I knew I only had a few minutes to capture it while the sun was out

I love this image! I'd somehow forgotten about it. Thanks for posting it.

@erosdiscordia You're welcome! I think it's often skimmed over as a great Escher piece because it doesn't feature any illusionary trademarks etc.

@sajan @erosdiscordia he doesn't get enough credit for his non-trippy work

@sajan i was able to see this and a bunch of other Escher works at the mfa in Boston earlier this year. The level of detail and precision in his stuff has always been astounding to me.

@Egg oh lucky! Yeah there was an exhibition here in the Dulwich Picture Gallery a few years ago, which was really cool. It was lovely to see stuff like 'Metamorphosis' at a larger scale than in the books

The base of the lamp post in the first image looks like a support column that's holding up the floor of the world above.

It implies an underground that is doing the important work of holding the world aloft, but the people above never realise that because the floor is opaque from their perspective.

That's a beautiful take of the image/makes it infinitely more interesting!

@sajan ooh these are great! I am fond of Escher's version too :-)

Do you like Peter Doig? I think he's done a few puddles but this is my fave (What Does Your Soul Look Like? 1996)

@Sajarina Whoa! I love this. I don't think I'd seen his stuff before until now - though it's kinda familiar, I might have looked at it years ago/maybe even at school. Thanks for introducing me!

@Sajarina looking at some of Doig's other stuff reminded me of 'Bay of Pigs' by Dexter Dalwood, that is also a fun reflection piece!

Oh I hadn't seen this before, really like it! Feels kind of still and sinister

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