Hi tenforward!
I'm Sajan and haven't been active on here for a while. I'm currently on my third full trek binge (which I tend to do in the order TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TOS, TAS (no longer on Netflix, rip) DSC/whatever's new (though i've yet to see Picard/Lower Decks, so might sneak it in after TNG? Dunno yet.)
I think DS9's my fave, and whilst I love VOY it's my fave to get angry about.
I post art/etc on
Oh! Also, I'm the one that drew this friend :D

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@sajan lots of tng references in lower decks so would heartily advise that. Mostly earlier seasons as I recall though.

@sajan @sajan Welcome! A #StarTrek binge sounds great. My wife and I watched #Babylon5 a few years back but things have been too busy for much TV this year for us.

@jgoerzen I never saw that! I keep meaning to, outta curiosity - I know that whilst DS9 got developed more thoroughly, the basis (I don't think to Ira Steven Behr's knowledge) was heavily ripped off from Babylon 5, which is a shame

@sajan I watched most of DS9 during its original broadcast run, and #Babylon5 later. The really cool thing about B5 is that the entire story arc for the first 4 seasons was plotted out in advance. DS9 did have some arcs also, but they weren't quite as pervasive through the series. Some absolutely fantastic character development and acting also.

@jgoerzen When DS9 gets going the arcs/characters also become phenomenally good, but it's annoyingly one of those shows where you need to tell people to stick it out, because the first season or two are super rocky.

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