Will remove this account soon, moving to bsd.network ... Will miss @guinan !

I was planning to sell my Ryzen 5 desktop after getting an Skylake i7 laptop, but now I'm reconsidering...

Gotta tar zcvf so that I don't run the risk of losing the folder with the modifications to get to run on ...

Stardew Valley on OpenBSD is a thing! Found a fix for the save/load bug! Thanks-no-thanks MonoGame for shipping all kinds of system dll that messed things up...

Now I can have my own Puffy farm!

Thanks for everyone's advice on the way... They were all pieces in the puzzle of trial and error!

@bcallah @mulander @calvin @canadianbryan tenforward.social/media/Gb36Dj

@bcallah Relaying question about strife-ve:

freedman1611[S] 1 point 8 minutes ago

Wait, this port won't work with data off an old game disc you need gog version to play???

Different error message on autosave with with the new Mono on :

Progress? Or just a red herring...? @bcallah @canadianbryan @mulander @calvin

Mono still builds on my amd64 (with a few errors and a lot of warnings displayed).


Still runs game Rogue Legacy.

Thanks to upgrade to v17 by Jonathan Gray, game can now run with Hardware instancing without bugs.


@bcallah @mulander Strategically, would you recommend that I already submit ports of those small libraries that games use? Like mojoshader, tiny_jpeg, theoraplay, theorafile? The FNA dev says the games may only be bsd-congiscent end of 2018, but if the libs are in ports ahead of time this might decrease barriers to a few more people patching SDL2 and testing like I'm doing now. But I don't think there's gonna be another consumer of those libs in the near future.

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Today I ran 'sudo usermod -G wireshark stsp' on #ubuntu.

On #OpenBSD this command adds 'stsp' to the 'wireshark' group, keeping membership in other groups intact.

On ubuntu, 'stsp' is added to the 'wireshark' group and *removed* from any other groups 🤦 The desktop crashes. Root access is now lost since 'stsp' is no longer in the 'sudo' group. I then learned about #Linux usermod's -a option, but I like #OpenBSD's -G default better.

I took a detour into recovery mode to fix up /etc/group.

@bcallah @mulander @calvin @canadianbryan Tested GOG version and it's definite: Bastion is a no on because it needs FMOD... :/

Puzzled why humble DRM-free version of Bastion is looking for SteamWrapper.dll...

@mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah @calvin

Think I ran out of the better known games on flibitijibibo.com/index.php?pa

Still a lot of games left that look like hidden gems! Almost all of them have very positive Steam reviews.

Bastion might be doable, but my version was looking for steam...

@mulander icculus.org/mojoshader/
Assuming you're on amd64, I could share precompiled libs of these with you if you prefer.

Rivercity Ransom: Underground - One of the few games that doesn't start on , with no immediately obvious reason:


@bcallah Did you send a tarball with Strife? Someone on reddit is eager to test it... reddit.com/r/openbsd_gaming/co

Do you have a link? Couldn't find it on cvsweb, github, or marc.info...

@lanodan After running into the save/load crash, Stardew Valley is the biggest mess for me so far and that's because it's NOT FNA!

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