If Worf shows up on the upcoming series looking like a style Klingon instead of a style Klingon, just remember that this isn't the first time we've had stylistic changes for the same character. Kor did it first:


A lot of people seem to think that season 1 is the worst, but I'm actually having more trouble getting through season 2.

I think season 1 had more characterization, plus the characters were fresh so maybe that helped make them automatically more interesting.

In any case I'm still working through season 2, but it has been slow going...

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TV: Star Trek DS9 - S2 E12 - The Alternate 

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Is there something like HyperCard on the classic Mac for the *NIX terminal? Asking for a friend...

#retrocomputing #mac #hypercard #terminal #questions

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was the official hashtag for the debate last night. It was nice to see all the candidates fit on stage this time.

Based on the lack of toots, I'm guessing most voters aren't paying attention yet, tho.

Personally, I'd be thrilled to see Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg get the nomination, the others less so.

But make no mistake, any of them would be a vast improvement over what we have now.

Looks like on Twitter (can we mention Twitter on here? ;) they are using

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Mushroom forest painting featuring immense mushrooms and my OC, Chloe! I started dabbling in tea staining my watercolor paper before painting initially with this painting.

#art #watercolor #tea #traditionalart #mixedmedia #fantasy #originalart

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