Watch TNG S7E15 "Lower Decks" then watch the premiere. It's interesting to see how one inspired the other. And departs from the other.

Steve Shives does a nice job discussing Eugenics Wars, head canon and retconning.

Loved the easter egg at the very end of "The Trouble with Edward." Very reminiscent of 80s Saturday Morning. Make sure you watch past the end of the credits to catch it.

The new sesason of have begun. The first 14 minute episode, Q&A dropped over the weekend. Very fun, and inspired me to watch "The Cage" again. Some fun connections between how Spock acts in "The Cage" and how he acts in the Short Trek.

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"I Have the Password To Your Shell Account" by Barcelona

if this makes sense to you as a piece of college-age drama you are 100% Gen X

Before there were Twitter, Facebook, or Mastodon profiles there were profiles.

ISCABBS is a online community that pre-dates the web. It was started at the University of Iowa in 1989 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

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