Steve Shives does a nice job discussing Eugenics Wars, head canon and retconning.

Loved the easter egg at the very end of "The Trouble with Edward." Very reminiscent of 80s Saturday Morning. Make sure you watch past the end of the credits to catch it.

The new sesason of have begun. The first 14 minute episode, Q&A dropped over the weekend. Very fun, and inspired me to watch "The Cage" again. Some fun connections between how Spock acts in "The Cage" and how he acts in the Short Trek.

Great thoughtful video essay by Steve Shives about how we can love Star Trek but still take a critical look at its shortcomings, learning more about ourselves and our own privilege in the process.

S02E08 "A Matter of Honor"

Riker volunteers to serve aboard a Klingon ship as part of a temporary assignment. Meanwhile a very annoying Benzite ensign is on exchange on the Enterprise. Nice character moments with O'Brien gave me a chuckle twice, first when rolling his eyes at the new ensign, and again when telling Riker he should be afraid before beaming him over to the Klingon ship.

I watched this over my lunch break. Steve Shives makes compelling points in favor of The Animated Series. I might have to give the often overlooked another look.

If Worf shows up on the upcoming series looking like a style Klingon instead of a style Klingon, just remember that this isn't the first time we've had stylistic changes for the same character. Kor did it first:

A lot of people seem to think that season 1 is the worst, but I'm actually having more trouble getting through season 2.

I think season 1 had more characterization, plus the characters were fresh so maybe that helped make them automatically more interesting.

In any case I'm still working through season 2, but it has been slow going...

S02E07 "Unnatural Selection"

Many disparage Star Trek: Discovery for allegedly ignoring previously established continuity and canon. Yet in this TNG episode it seems as if the Eugenics Wars have been conveniently forgotten as Starfleet genetically engineers telepathic super-children that are resistant to all known diseases. As Dr. Pulaski says, "we might be looking at the future of humanity." Disastrous results ensue.

S02E06 "The Schizoid Man"

Data tries out having a beard! Very short lived. Troi busts out laughing it looked so ridiculous. Data gets the memories and personality of the late Dr. Ira Graves downloaded into his positronic brain, to cringey and humorous effect. Some say that Season 1 is the worst, but so far Season 2 has had more than its share of bad episodes. Worse, these Season 2 eps don't have a nice character driven B plot. Instead it's plot driven with a cringey plot.

S02E05 "Loud as a Whisper"

We meet the empathic diplomat Riva who is deaf but communicates through a chorus of people who interpret his thoughts. For a diplomat he seemed very undiplomatic, constantly interrupting members of the crew. He hits on Troi, who seemed unrealistically interested in his advances. It was cool to see a deaf person and sign language depicted in Star Trek, but I felt this episode suffered from a lack of a B plot where we get to know the characters better.

S02E04 "The Outrageous Okona"

Before she was the star of "Lois and Clark" (1990s) or "Desparate Housewives," (2000s) Teri Hatcher played the transporter operator in this episode, apparently so that she could be seduced by the cringeworthy Okona. Data learns more about humor by doing standup with Joe Piscopo on the holodeck. The jokes are dated and this episode is pretty cheesy, but we get to see Captain Picard crack a joke and more of Ten Forward and Guinan.

S02E03 "Elemenary, Dear Data"

What's not to like about this episode where on a dare the ship's computer creates the sentient hologram Dr. @moriarty who subsequently threatens to take over the entire ship? It's not "Sherlock," but still a fun bottle episode. I too want to be stuffed with tea and crumpets!

S02E02 "Where Silence Has Lease"

Dr. Pulaski refuses to use Data's pronouns at first, but admits that Data is considered to be alive by Starfleet. Meanwhile the ship encounters a hole in space and is subjected to a series of tests.

This episode was reminiscent of how the crew got put to the test by Q at "Encounter at Farpoint." It's odd to me that the writers would have done this episode given how similiar it was to S01E0102. As we know they were not all out of good ideas.

About 7 minutes in there is a nice discussion about the origins of Ten Forward:

I hope Jessie makes more "Sacred Treks" videos. This series treats Star Trek as a sacred text, asking us how we can learn from Trek's values and apply them to our lives. A fascinating and original lens through which to view the Star Trek universe.

S02E01 The Child

While the A plot is truly cringeworthy, Riker gets a beard and La Forge is promoted to Chief Engineer in this episode. Coupled with the arrival of Doctor Pulaski, Ten Forward, and Guinan, this is an episode worth watching! We even see O'Brien operating the transporter! I think the last time we saw him was the pilot!

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