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I believe are in order. My name is Tom, my pronouns are he/him/his. I've been a Linux person since the late 90s. I've been a Sci-Fi reader since I could choose my own books. I've been a Sci-Fi watcher for even longer. I'm married and we have two kids. I'm in the US (North Carolina), I'm a liberal and I talk politics under a CW. Given the instance, I should mention my family watched TNG growing up and I really liked catching TAS when it was on.

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Hey Linux-y folks, great news! coreutils 9 was just released and the changelog is definitely worth a careful read if you basically ever touch a command line:

Software compatibility whining 

I just ran in to as part of having a new mp3 to import and, :head-desk:. Why.

Anyone out there that uses NextCloud have a good flow for doing simple photo edits? Right now I'm at just using a regular simple editor on the desktop, since the underlying library is just a directory mapped in to NextCloud, but this is kinda annoying.

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Help human trafficking survivors get their records expunged, by taking the last copy of this #FreeBSD #sysadmin book off the streets.

Auction ends tomorrow!

My favorite thing about this auction:

The current high bidder has already made his donation for the full amount. By outbidding him, you screw him over.

How often do you get to do something good out of pure spite? :flan_evil::flan_heart:

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There's a $1000 CAD prize for using data from the World Data System International Technology Office:

(for some reason, people in Quebec cannot participate, due to weird British Columbia provincial rules, but everyone else in the world can? I don't know)

Muffin making 

So, it's lemon poppy muffin baking morning. Today I decided to try sifting the powdered sugar before making the glaze. While I typically put sifting under the PITA category, I also hate stirring out lumps. Sifting and banging out whatever gets stuck was easier than stirring out the lumps so, hey, lesson learned.

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Small victories 

Given work from home, and homeschooling and teens/tweens need way more sleep than traditional school schedules provide and no, I do need to be working morning hours, setting up the coffee maker to grind the beans at night (manually) was a good QoL improvement, and that the program button still works on this machine was a further win.

I got a recommendation for prime95 just as stress test, and that's running now and I found some performance monitor so I can see it' utilizing all of the threads too. Now to wait.

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Anyone have a Windows-based tool they like to use to load a system down for a long time to confirm system/thermal stability? Backup plan is USB stick, live boot something and kernel endless kernel compiles.

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"These copper ingots," the devil said, "are of sub-par quality."
"You accepted them as payment," the merchant said, "the deal is done."
"Very well. I will uphold my end of the bargain," the devil said. "Your name will live forever."
"That is all I ask," said Ea-nasir.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

In backup news, looks like I've had restic going for almost 4 months, with only a few minor hiccups (some non-fatal lock problem that's supposed to be fixed by now..). Just dry-run'd a restric forget script, looks good, scheduled to run every first of the month now. Hopefully boring email coming to my inbox early Wednesday morning!

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Sof where people learn how to exit vim


Today somebody asked me how I got so productive at editing code using vim

My secret is that almost every trick I know I learned from reading the answers to this StackOverflow question:


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I know a bunch of folks are / were celebrating 30 years of Linux yesterday, but the real important date is December 2nd, 2009. That's when 2.6.32 was released, and is the first of the kernels that will be with us until the end of time.

US Pol, Star Trek, Bad joke 

Alright, so Operation: Warp Speed was I guess supposed to be on the ST: Enterprise scale, where warp speed was rather slow, and not ST: Voyager "Just take this transwarp tunnel and cut across the most of a quadrant of space" speed.

Video call gripe 

I wish the norm had become "turn off video" not "hide my background with a generic image" that gets blurred when I move a little bit.

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