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I believe are in order. My name is Tom, my pronouns are he/him/his. I've been a Linux person since the late 90s. I've been a Sci-Fi reader since I could choose my own books. I've been a Sci-Fi watcher for even longer. I'm married and we have two kids. I'm in the US (North Carolina), I'm a liberal and I talk politics under a CW. Given the instance, I should mention my family watched TNG growing up and I really liked catching TAS when it was on.

Youtube Music is so bad / annoying for "just play this playlist of songs you downloaded already", I'm now saying to hell with it and putting mp3s on a flash drive and dealing with the crap UI in the car instead.

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it's finally happened

an older colleague asked me and a postdoc to explain memes, and I referred them to the Star Trek TNG episode "Darmok"

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Imagine your backup software encounters an unreadable file (permissions, I/O problem, whatever) during the backup process.

What should be the default behavior?

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Found this super endearing

The IDE for the CS50 online course has a built-in duck for rubber duck debugging

School, parenting, ~ 

So, 4th grader is still doing synchronous learning. New rule from the district is that cameras need to be on during these classes. Popped over to check on things in this class and... camera is on, but forward facing, ie not camera and showing the cover. Told them good job on figuring out the first workaround, but no, that's not gonna be allowed. Now it's back to showing the ceiling. That I'll leave to the teacher. Few more weeks before they move to asynchronous classes.

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#OpenWrt joined Conservancy today! We'll help OpenWrt with fiscal sponsorship and all other issues so that users can regain control over their own routers. We're announcing more next week about recent work toward software freedom on wireless devices!

Advice, Toilet maintenance (not gross) 

This happens here on city water at least once a year when the water gets turned off/on. Quick fix.

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Advice, Toilet maintenance (not gross) 

Does your toilet have any sort of problem (too loud, not filling right/quickly, random water leakage) that isn't it being clogged? It's quite possibly the fill hose got disconnected in the tank. Take off the lid to the tank (the back part), and look around the top of the left hand side. Do you see a little hose dangling around? That got disconnected from the input it goes to on the rest of the stuff in that area. Re-attach, put on the lid, flush. 1/2

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In one of those cases of "Did someone delete a post?", I swear I saw go by my feed and it seems like what we've been looking for here for a bit. My only complaint is that the Google store is behind the F-Droid store, so we can't play Library + Wolf noises. So, thank you whoever posted about that app.

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"We didn't call it fuzzing back in the 1950s, but it was our standard practice to test programs by inputting decks of punch cards taken from the trash.

We also used decks of random number punch cards. We weren't networked in those days, so we weren't much worried about security, but our random/trash decks often turned up undesirable behavior.

Every programmer I knew used the trash-deck technique."

-- Gerald M. Weinberg

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The El Dorado wildfire in California, which has now burned 7000 acres of land, was started by a gender reveal party.

A similar thing happened in 2017 when a gender reveal smoke bomb caused a fire which burned 45000 acres.

Cis culture is officially dangerous to the environment

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The intelligibility of this is really interesting, because it suggests that the technological capacity to easily share complex still and moving images is incorporating them into quasi-written language as if they were universally intelligible ideograms.


I’ve commented before that Star Trek’s most prescient prediction was communication via memes in ‘Darmok’. So it was only a matter of time before someone started making these:


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Hey 3D printing enthusiasts! I am forming a plan for a gift for my SO. He has been having lots of fun making lil useful things with his work's 3D printer, so I was thinking about getting one for our new home (maybe for his birthday in a few months). I will of course do some research, but if anyone can point me in the direction of not too expensive or big but good quality printers, I would appreciate the help!

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its Bandcamp Friday

cleared out my wishlist just now (6 albums)

Spectrum cable & Roku question, boosts pls 

As we get annoyed at Hulu over all the ads we cannot skip, I went back to looking at the price for Spectrum TV and I see now there's an app for Roku. If you have Spectrum and the Roku app, can you pause live TV and then fastword past ads? Or does it force you to watch those and you need a cable box + DVR to be able to skip those still?

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Here's your heartbreaking algorithmic cruelty story of the week: UC Riverside history prof Dana Simmons has a son who's just started junior high and loves his history teacher:

But when he submitted his first assignment, he was aghast to receive a 50% grade on it.


Trump in town protests, ACAB 

During the louder part after Trump got here the cops went in to the crowd and dragged off someone who was dressed for trouble later (covered, goggles, etc). The local white "peace monitor" activist got there fairly quick and stayed as close as the cops would let him. I have some cell video to look over later if something happened, lots of other people recorded too.

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Trump in town protests 

Back home now from one of the two protests. Not quite as much social distancing as there should have been, but fairly reasonable. Related to the official event, a number of signs pointing out WW2 was about fighting fash and nazis. I'm assuming on his side of the river they had music to drown out our music, but it would have been loud enough to hear I think. Only 2 pro-Trump cars drove by the event.

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