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I believe are in order. My name is Tom, my pronouns are he/him/his. I've been a Linux person since the late 90s. I've been a Sci-Fi reader since I could choose my own books. I've been a Sci-Fi watcher for even longer. I'm married and we have two kids. I'm in the US (North Carolina), I'm a liberal and I talk politics under a CW. Given the instance, I should mention my family watched TNG growing up and I really liked catching TAS when it was on.

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So, i was wondering...
If there's a Comic Sans...
There HAS to be a Comic Serif...

And there is!
And I hate it so so so much!

Implied gross, home maintenance 

Folks, clean your sink stoppers. They're removable (undo the nut under the sink) and probably dirty and part of the reason that sink doesn't drain as quick as you think it should.

Windows, Gaming 

Finally at the point in the weekend where I can reboot to Windows to try out No Man's Sky and am now at the expected update-everything-forever cycle part since my last Windows boot.


When making banana bread, you use...

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#TIL The #Brainfuck programming language has a dialect called "I use Arch, btw". In this dialect, the original symbols are replaced with "I", "use", "arch", "linux", "btw", "by", "the", "way". #Arch #ArchLinux

This is a "Hello World!" example:

arch the i the use linux the way i arch the i arch arch arch i the arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch i way the i way linux the use way i linux way way arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch arch use way i i i i i i linux linux linux linux btw use use arch arch arch btw use linux btw btw arch arch arch btw use linux btw i i i btw use use btw arch arch arch btw linux linux linux linux linux linux btw i linux btw use use arch btw use btw

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Heads up anyone on Windows, my work machine just reset a shit load of settings (including privacy settings) after it updated, so can recommend doing a once-over of them in case it's breached GDPR for you as well.

Silly tech/Linux things 

So you've got say an SD card and you're writing stock images to it. This means that last partition is probably going to have some extra unused space. In parted, resize a partition to cover this? resizepart N 100%. If this has an extN filesystem on it? fsck and then resize2fs, done. If this is a btrfs partition? btrfs filesystem resize max /mountpoint. Cool. Sigh.

Gaming, Surviving Mars (~/+) 

OK, I've 'won' my first playthrough now (complete terraform, 100% objectives) and I have thoughts. The autosave thing isn't a problem, as it only keeps the last 2, so with a manual save, it's quite manageable. Once you get a medium number of colonists, you have to give up on specialization manually and hope the game does OK. Once you have a huge pop (I stopped at 2k) it's just unmanagable. But, there's a lot of fun layout/design bits. I have more thoughts, later?

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It's gonna be hot today. Stay home and read a crime thriller.

Beaks: half Die Hard, half Robin Hood, and all trouble.

My bookstore, as part of the 3-book bundle:

I hate distro upgrades.. 

And it was time to whack logind.conf and change a bunch of key settings to ignore (power for sure, but in case there's something it thinks is a suspend key, no, don't do that...).

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I hate distro upgrades.. 

Ah yes, I wonder how many gsettings were lost on upgrade that I haven't noticed yet as my "power button DOES NOTHING" got reset to "power button does shutdown -h now".

Gaming, Surviving Mars review (~/+) 

I think for example I'm just gonna have to give up on some of the "make sure everyone has good jobs" stuff I want to do and just let things go how they may.

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Gaming, Surviving Mars review (~/+) 

I think I've played enough now to have a few thoughts. I'm probably going to get a few playthroughs done. I'm very undecided tho on if the micromanagement of moving resources around, and also with dealing with people, is intentional or AI problems they should fix. Even with shuttles, people aren't moving around to open jobs (with open housing available) like they should, and shuttles don't auto-assign for manual reassignments or something.

Garden photo 

So here's my latest brick project. Turned over and pulled most of the random stuff growing under here up, laid down bricks, put planters on top. Using tomato cages to run garden twine through for everything else to climb on / for support.

And yeah, I need to weed down again the path on the camera side here.

Gaming, Surviving Mars (-) 

So last night, I manually saved before quitting. This morning? No save. Lost a few sols, but OK, I made some mistakes that were now undone. Fine. Make some progress again today, new autosave, move a bit farther on, open save screen and...crash. Lost a sol or 3 of progress, again. Gonna put this down now for a bit. Maybe hit up the search engine, see if there's other people with this problem.

Gaming, Surviving Mars 

Tutorials were good, doing my first play now. So far I think my biggest hurdle is that the tutorials made me think I'd have more tech to start with than I do, but maybe that's not a problem and I'll just do another rocket for some more stuff so I can make fuel..


And now I can start the game. Maybe play some later too.

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Time to upgrade the machines... 

So far the i3wm part to launch a term directly to scratchpad doesn't work. As always, xinput has re-ordered devices, but I've got that change commented out anyhow so that's just a documentation for later update to make.

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