I believe are in order. My name is Tom, my pronouns are he/him/his. I've been a Linux person since the late 90s. I've been a Sci-Fi reader since I could choose my own books. I've been a Sci-Fi watcher for even longer. I'm married and we have two kids. I'm in the US (North Carolina), I'm a liberal and I talk politics under a CW. Given the instance, I should mention my family watched TNG growing up and I really liked catching TAS when it was on.

@trini TAS is underrated!

I don't think I new you were in NC. Are you near me, in Carrboro?

@emsenn Ha, I could have sworn I mentioned it. No, down by the coast in New Hanover county.

@trini Probably why it doesn't come up that often, then, lol!

@trini I always thought your previous instane was a funnily named one for you to be on because you're like... you meet the demographic criteria for reply guy, but you've never seemed to troll me or be anything but polite, inquistive, and encouraging.


is your society account marked as unallocated and free for garbage collection, or what?

@jackiemoon In this case, I have it still but it's set a a redirect. Deleted accounts are reserved however.


could you loop both accounts, so me could remove one?
means: you could redirect @tenforward <-> @society

PS: i have no intensions nor interest in buying/steeling your old account.

@jackiemoon Yeah, you can just unfollow the old one and be good to go.


on you have a limited amount of follows.
beyond you have to go premium.

PS: nah, bullshit. it is better for the fame-game if you have more followers than follows. gotta pitch the credibility factor in the social media market awearness strategy.

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