Radical organizing seems pretty hyper-concentrated in cities, so I was wondering if anyone on here has experience organizing in rural areas? What unique challenges are there to it and how do you approach it?

Thanks to everyone who responded so far, following on from this: What are some ways city-folk can build solidarity with rural movements? What does solidarity between urban and rural movements often look like?

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@GreenandBlack A concrete thing is... buy a bus. A big part of why unions in the American West were able to organize well is because they had bsues they would loan out to each other and be able to bring thousands of workers into a town of a couple thousand total.

@GreenandBlack One thing that I think might be good, simply because my town vetoed it so thoroughly and without any real consideration, is a services market similar to the farmers market, for the cityfolk to participate in that part of the economy beyond as consumers.

(Set up a booth for barbering, nails, tax consult, etc, in the space next to the farmers market, starting after and ending after the farmers market.)

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