So maybe this is just me but that "two wolves" meme always seems in bad taste to me, because whenever I saw the original it was on like, appropriative-of-native-culture facebook pages. So whenever I see it - and again, this might be just me - I think about how for a lot of folk, they just view indigenous folk as a near-extinct reservoir of culture to borrow when they're feeling in need of some spiritual depth.

And so I really don't like them.


My knowledge is that the "two wolves" story isn't even Native American in origin. It dates back to some Christian minister or something.

So, at its core, it was always a piece of "exotic flavor" to add to a white person's sermon.


@yam655 Are you shitting me it's a fucking Billy Graham story alright I'm going to start @'ing people who post or boost the meme that's fucking ridiculous.

@hummingrain See above post/link re: two wolves meme

(It's bad)

@emsenn oh NO that is multiple levels worse than I thought D:

Thanks for the heads up! (And un-boosted the post of such I recently boosted)

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