@Anarkat @restioson

Look either the elections are cancelled or go to Trump in which case neolibs will protest more or it'll go to someone else and they'll protest less but that has no bearing on the amount of action we need to be taking to build an anarchistic world.

@Anarkat @restioson Like I'll concede your point that it will shift our actions but like? If you'd listened to ANYONE you'd have prepared for a clinton adminstration the last time and well, here we are.

there's a lot of litter around, I have no doubts we can find weaponizable detritus if that's what we need to do.

@Anarkat @restioson

Also - not ot pile on - but this notion that anarchists will wait on what the state election says?

Yea that's conceding its legitimacy just, outright. It can do what it wants and except for the intersections of it and me, I don't give a shit.

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