@guinan Agreed! This was definitely something I appreciated more after mulling it over. Also, it's her first time captaining a ship, right? That combined with everything going bazonkers on day 1 of her command means she's under a lotta pressure.


@sajan yeah I would say Janeway is facing a situation no Star Trek captain has probably had to handle before and that kind of pressure means she is going to be inconsistent

@guinan Yeah - and keeping face/trying to inspire confidence in the divided crew, whilst completely winging it

@sajan @guinan when I was at comicon one year Kate Mulgrew had an hour interview and one thing she said was that at some she liked to think, unofficially, that Janeway actually loved the challenge, being forced to explore and be the first. So she had multiple fighting directions in her, that's just part of who she is.

@quark @guinan
Oh nice! Yeah she's a very evocative character /actress, and portrays that smirking adventurousness really well. Also, I think like Kirk, she's able to navigate very socially/amiably with her crew

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