everyone in this #startrek #deepspace9 doc, including Andy Robinson, agrees:

Garak was 100% gay 🏳️‍🌈 😆


@PrisonHipster @applebaps @wohali and Doctor Bashir. In the documentary the actor who plays Garek was very up front about. He played Garek as wanting to get into Bahir's pants.

@quark @PrisonHipster @applebaps @wohali “why don’t you come try on this nice suit. You’ll need to take your clothes off” - Garak’s internal monologue, according to Andy Robinson

@PrisonHipster @applebaps @quark @wohali Behr realized that what they should have done was have Garak come out after “The Wire” and then have him and Julian be couple for the next 5 years

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