No matter how often I see holiwhirl do it, it still amazes me how damn accurate she is with auto weapons in apex legends.

She hits and downs targets at twitch the distance I'd be comfortable with and does it regularly.

Honestly, it's fasinating.

I've been trying and failing not to snort laugh at this each time I watch it.

it says something about league of legends that the pro matches streamed live on youtube have the live chat blocked.

It's a couple weeks into a video job and I'm struggling. It incredibly hard to condense a 3 hour video and still get across the gist of the unabridged version.

You have to watch through it all, and if it's a subject you're not interested in or is less fun to watch than experience yourself, that makes it so much harder.

And I have 4 videos of 3 hours each to condense into *one* recap episode.

My attention is drifting.

And almost inevitably, the one asking me to do this will want alterations.

I'm not in the best mental state to be 100% happy with that, but I'm vindictive enough to derive pleasure from your disappointment.

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Oh and also to the person who followed me "just to see if you die" after I tooted that I got vaccinated.

I live, bitch.

"Please recycle me" pleads a red fanta cap.

Is this the bottle asking, or the poor bloody person that made the bottle?

My self loathing just skyrocketed.

This is exhausting.

I keep thinking it's Friday and it's freaking me out. I hate losing track of time.

Jadzia: Quit calling me out for toxic behavior. I have trauma.
Kira: Then quit using your trauma as an excuse to traumatize others Jadzia.

Benjamin: Even when the odds seem stacked against you there is value in trying to do good.

Just heard the phrase "Vietnam is the world champion for "Hippity hoppity, get off of my property. It's right up there with Afganistan."

I can't argue with that. The people of those two countries aren't to be fucked with.

I declare today to be a good day for myself.

Makes a nice change.

Been working for the past week on a video project I've been hired for.

Sent the first part of it for feedback and it's gotten a great review!

Some things need tweaking, one or two spots smoothing out but they were happy with the style I put together.

This is my first paying gig video editing so I was extremely anxious.

S you have no idea how relieved and happy this makes me.

Taking back control ™

BBC News: Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit

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