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For please check out my new podcast The Morph Report: A "historical" dive into the Animorphs' Journals! You don't have to be an Animorphs fan!!!

"100 years after the Yeerk War, 3 intrepid college students conduct their class discussions of the Animorphs Journals remotely while quarantined in their homes."
Listen to the trailer! Plz share!

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New podcast! Trailer! Animorphs!. Video transcript in reply 

We made an Animorphs Podcast! It's called The Morph Report! Subscribe here: or on any podcatcher. Ep. 1 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" drops Wed.

:Trek: fart 

Star Trek series that's just Miral Paris and Naomi Wildman fucking shit up across the Alpha Quadrant. :blobhyperthinkfast:

Hollow Knight 

I beat Hornet!! After many, many, many, *many* tries. So I can do a dash now! I also really quickly racked up 1800 Geo and bought the lamp so the world is my freaky bug-like oyster, until I need wall-jumping

My partner is working and I really like playing Hollow Knight with them so uh, gonna try Celeste? So far I like how the controls feel and respond

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Me, hearing a bell toll: haha sick nice bell
Me, after finding out for whom the bell tolls: fuck! Shit!!

I started playing Hollow Knight! Its so good and I'm actually ??? Good ?? At a (1) video game!!

anyway today i learned that superwholock might still be thriving on pinterest almost entirely off of sharing around tumblr screencaps and i'm scared to go looking for them

The cutscenes in this game keep on trying to do dramatic shots of my character with his weapon drawn. But my weapon has an animated mouth and hands and every time the camera focuses on my character, it goes \(•o•)/

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Animal Crossing -- I have Roscoe in boxes 

I decided to let Roscoe go so Sherb can move in. If I really want Roscoe back I can get an amiibo of him. </3 still sad. I didn't even get a last normal conversation with him, bc I went straight to the campsite when I opened the game :packetcat_sad: :blobcatheart:
If you want to invite Roscoe to your island lmk <3 <3

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Animal Crossing campsite decision HELP!! 

I got Sherb at the campsite!! :blobaww: But he wants Roscoe to move out :blob_dizzy_face: I love Roscoe and have put a lot into our relationship, I wanted Roscoe to stayyyyy. I have so many villagers I want to leave but the campers are always asking about villagers I LIKE. Sjdhfkckfi. But its Sherb! HALP

in light of how certain transphobic authors continue to be unable to shut up, remember its not good enough to just condemn transphobic artists. you gotta also promote the work of the trans artists you like and give us the visibility that transphobes don't want us to reach.

you can help support me, an indigenous fantasy romance writer:

or @ArtistMarciaX who kinda does it all AND skateboards:

and @guerrillarain aka callisto is a dark fantasy writer who will need beta readers soon!:

there's also Aiden Thomas, author of Cemetery Boys

Kacen Callender author of Felix Ever After

Mark Oshiro, author of Each of Us A Desert

Victoria Lee author of the Feverwake Series

dunking on transphobes is easy, but what about amplifying our voices instead?

(But if you're looking at a chart that only includes extant species of pinnipeds it does look a little silly)

[--Sea lions
[--Eared seals--|
| [--Other seals
[--Earless seals--[
| [--Many seals
[--Walrus--JUST WALRUS

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(The trick is that Odonenidae includes a bunch of extinct species in several genuses walruses are related to--walruses are just the only extant species in that family)

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TIL: I asked if sea lions are seals and what I found out is yes and no. Seals are divided into eared seals (otariidae) and earless seals, (phocidae or true seals). Sea lions are eared seals, but there are also seals in a different family from sea lions.
I also learned that the 3rd family of 3 families that cover Animals Like Seals (pinnipeds) is called odobenidae and it is *just* walruses, Odobenus rosmarus.

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