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For please check out my new podcast The Morph Report: A "historical" dive into the Animorphs' Journals! You don't have to be an Animorphs fan!!!

"100 years after the Yeerk War, 3 intrepid college students conduct their class discussions of the Animorphs Journals remotely while quarantined in their homes."
Listen to the trailer! Plz share!

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New podcast! Trailer! Animorphs!. Video transcript in reply 

We made an Animorphs Podcast! It's called The Morph Report! Subscribe here: or on any podcatcher. Ep. 1 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" drops Wed.


I'm listening to Oh No! Ross and Carrie. They're taking a course on becoming exorcists, and this episode they are talking about angels. Moving through the topic, Carrie says "Ok, well, theres also an angelic hierarchy" *and then my pod-player glitched out and stopped*. We must not learn about the hierarchy of angels.

cold take tech rant 

you probably know this, but, never, ever, ever ever, buy anything from apple. their devices are held together with glue & their business model requires you tie "your" device to an account with them. they'll update your OS to break your hardware and remove root access, they'll drop HW support between versions, they won't honor warranties without a receipt with a serial number, etc etc etc

the windows are rounded now because they finally cut all the corners

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full offense: moving back to in person things should not cause virtual attendance options to disappear

App store crap and NSFW bans 

It just struck me how "Apple threatened to take us off the app store" actually intersects with the idea of "Why does this website need an app! Just let me use the website!"

So all the knock on shit from stuff like the Tumblr NSFW is rooted in them feeling like they *need* to have an app when they were already a website.

Just in case anyone is concerned about how fast the COVID-19 vaccines were produced: it is because they are variants of the SARS vaccine, which we've had for more than a decade.

COVID-19 can be treated with a variant of the SARS vaccine because COVID-19 is a variant of SARS. The virus that causes SARS is SARS-CoV, and the 2019 novel coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2.

Because of this, researchers had a vaccine ready for testing as early as January 2020. The COVID-19 vaccine had, in fact, nearly a full year of testing and refinement. It is not by any means "experimental" or "untested".

Are there such things as experimental podcasts?

Experimental as in non-conventional/surrealist-leaning.

Or do I have to consider doing it myself to quench my thirst?


An enemy is just a friend you haven’t Seized yet :)

Shitpost with an M- word that some ppl do not like to read 

broke: risk of rain
woke: threat of wet
bespoke: hoist of moist

People should never be edge cases.

If your system fails because a person cannot hear sounds, your system is broken. If it fails because a person has no address, it’s broken. If it fails because their phone number comes from another country, it’s broken. If it fails because of all the reasons above, it’s still broken.

Edge cases happen, but human beings don’t deserve to find themselves in one.

re: random pol thoughts 

it is a political identity for people who want to be cruel without having to experience guilt over it. sexism is, ironically, very important to them because it's their psychological shield against acknowledging their abusiveness. they don't want men to get better. they can't accept that sexism is a system and not an innate flaw in a specific type of human, because if it's a system it can be dismantled, and if it were dismantled, they couldn't be fucking bullies anymore lol

oh hey Control is free on EGS atm.

Control is a hecking amazing game and very worth the play. Especially if the idea of "SCP inspired governmental agency in charge of handling paranormal stuff hiding in plain sight in an ancient, mysterious, paranormal as heck brutalist building" strikes your fancy.

Also the main character is a very well written strong lady, that's massive bonus points.

also cool pastor for allowing uhhhhhh, merchants and bankers in his temple i guess? also usury? isn't that like 2 bible no-nos?

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when ur daughter is running a ponzi scheme and you go to reddit asking how to best save face with the church, god bless america

DM me if you’re

-want to talk about Bionicles
-Option 3

Its chronic pain, baybie 

My muscles are feeling sore like I exercised but I... didn't...?

[Stop & Shop in-store audio announcement voice] Shoppers! The blood moon rises once again!

They call it a wonder bra cuz you wonder in the cold food wonder out hot eat the food.

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