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My eyes prefer a little extra luxury and that's why I prefer serif fonts

:DS9: s4e23 "To the Death" 

Holy shit! It's the actor who played my favorite Andorian in Enterprise!

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"While I have never met a cow who could make tools, I felt sure that if I did, they (the tools) would lack something in sophistication and resemble the sorry specimens shown in this cartoon."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

:DS9: s4e22 "For the Cause" 

A couple things in this episode.
1. Eddington says that if someone supports the Maquis it revokes their Federation citizenship. That's super fucked.
2. Eddington's weird thing about the Federation being worse than the borg in assimilation was sort of interesting but had me feeling speed bumps.
3. Fucking lots of mentions of prisons and penal colonies in this episode...

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You ever walk 3 miles in a round trip for three summer squashes at 35¢ a piece?
I normally don't eat squash and I cooked the first one a little too long but now that I've got the hang of it I'm officially a fan.

When cats do that thing while they're eating where they stick their tail straight up and curl it from side to side boost if you agree

Maggie once had a fling with young Davey
His beard and his hair are quite wavy.
The bend at the end
P. Tchaikovsky, who penned
"I don't mind the's the gravy."

running for elected office on the sole platform of I'll get a really deep hole dug in the ground and for 5 bucks you'll be able to spartan kick an anti-vaxxer into it

The Anarchist Library finally got a dark mode! thank fucking god.
I mean, I'm just gonna download an EPUB and read it with my own CSS installed, but I still appreciate it.

I just installed LMMS so get ready world; I'm about to commit some heinous musical crimes

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