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Saw a post attacking central planning, which reminded me of my old posts about planning in communism, so I'm gonna share some relevant passages from

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My eyes prefer a little extra luxury and that's why I prefer serif fonts

What if nobody knows how to read and we've all just been pretending very well this whole time so that we believed we could but once we realize that we can't read we won't be able to pretend anymore.

@Taweret i honestly thought i had seen dune, but it turned out it was the dark crystal

(photograph voice) šŸŽ¶ Look at this tiny man šŸŽ¶ sleeping on me is his tiny plan

Tired: Making mountains by pushing tectonic plates together or some bullshit
Inspired: Making mountains by yeeting big rocks on the planet

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To be clear, it's not for the good reason, that using archaic language can be an impediment and we should try to use plainer language if possible, like "middle class" or "capitalist".
No, I get frustrated because of the petty reason that it's just grammatically incorrect.

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politics, pet peeve 

I know this is stupid but I'll still lose respect and confidence in someone (in this case especially podcasters or folks presenting themselves as experts or something) if they use "bourgeoisie" as an adjective.

My dad stopped by and while chatting I told him about my dope Tetris high scores.

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Alright, I agree. DS9 is the best series.

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you, me, 20 kilos of plastic explosive, a rowboat, the latitude and longitude coordinates to a yacht just barely in international waters where several CEOs are having a wonderful evening

:DS9: s6e02 

They really gotta stop putting pyrotechnics in the work stations

I made friends with Dastot Figuremurdered. I am not fond of this.

ā€” Ć²nul Uzoloshur, Recruit

well I guess i spoke too soon. it stopped building on step 741/746 and I have no idea why

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I think I finally successfully followed the directions on compiling something from source for the first time and I still have no idea what I'm doing or have done.

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