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haha i just caught a prospective tenant do a lil dance on their way out to their car after filling out an application

goddamn this quote from jane austen just got me "Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience - or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope."

I'd... never considered the similarities between hope and patience before.

Now I'm thinking about this and I wonder if history, as a linear narrative, could be described as humanity taking warp and making it weft.

Hey I'm having trouble doing things on the Fediverse like searching and faving, but I can post fine, it seems. How do I diagnose the problem enough to know if it's something I should @ my admin about, please?

Now, if you think about it, this is a cool way of talking about history, because it implicitly divides it into a dichotomy: the warp, things that just Are. storms, earthquakes, plagues, and weft - the choices and decisions humans make to navigate the warp.

History, holistically, is the result of the two being bound together - it is a tapestry of the inevitable and the choices that motivated. Pretty cool idiom, huh? "tapestry of history"

I got a DM about saying "weave of events," to refer to the past and I want to bring attention to the more common idiom, "tapestry of history," which is itself a derivative - wait, disclaimer, I'm not a scholar in this field, this is from my memory of self-education - a derivative of "weft and warp of history,"

Weft and warp are the two directions cloth goes in weaving - warp is held under tension by the frame, and weft is the fiber get gets threaded. (1/n)

I don't think I appreciate enough that I designed all my graphic tees myself.

tired: this expression from the past is more true today than ever

inspired: this expression from the past hints that it was a rich weave of events that its contemporaries sought to explain, no different than we are now.

I'll be on Twitch this evening, maybe in an hour and a half or so. Not sure what I'll be doing, probably emacs and org-mode stuff of some sort, OR playing civilization 6, depending on if my mood improves after taking a much needed shower

how many years did paul simon rock that vulcan haircut for goddamn you and soval down and the forge eh simon?

It shows where Windows 10's userbase is at these days that it's scanning application, at every step of the way, defaults to the assumption that you are working to scan in photographs, not documents, and that this default isn't like, an explicit default but just a consequence of a dozen small settings in the assorted applications.

@soy for what it's worth that post you just boosted is hella obsolete and... based on the timestamp, was obsolete at the time it was posted?

while there are strong arguments against the declaration, it's done been declared.

Options-> See more -> Printer Properties -> Settings -> See more -> Paper Orientation


Holy shit this just ain't my morning for tech. Following the instructions to scan multiple pages to a PDF gets me... a sideways, single-page pdf that has a page length of something like 8.5" by 82"

I really don't get nerds' affection for firefox. I just tried to start it to quickly check email and it said "Firefox is installing updates, and will start in a few minutes..."

and it was indeed about 2 minutes.

For folk who like, will spend a week tinkering with your shell prompt, it confuses me you'd accept that as how your web browser operates.

I don't know how to segue to this properly.

Bruno Ganz has passed away. He played Hitler in the film Downfall, of which an important scene got turned into a meme. Someone in my town did one of those memes about my town. Here it is.


(My town is Chapel HIll, North Carolina, so folk can know what regionalism is present in the link.)

WOW my timeline is dead on saturday mornings, how are you today @lawremipsum ?

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Hey, so, uh.

If you didn't know, there's currently a project to make the old versions of MSN Messenger work again after Microsoft closed down the servers a few years ago.

Currently, there is only one person working on the entire project, and they're starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and will probably stop after WLM 2009 is patched.

If you can code or know someone who can help code for the project, please let the OP know here: wink.messengergeek.com/t/the-e

They need all the help they can get.

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