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I'm a cis man, (they/them,) have health and mobility issues, am Itázipčho (Sans Arc of the Lakota Sioux,) and pansexual. I fight fascists: I believe I have a moral duty to decolonize, endure, and seek social justice. No fascists can dwell in our valley.

You can DM or follow me if you'd like; please no flirting or sexualizing.

I'll happily answer questions about:
- cooking
- gardening
- worker organization
- Emacs, Hugo, Org-mode
- Elisp, Python, Racket
- computer and tabletop game design

even before then the elders were like "shit maybe it's worth sending folk south to ask the folk down there about these superdogs, maybe even get some more?" which like, it's faaar, the trails aren't known, and things weren't friendly with those folk - though they weren't hostile either.

Then fall comes and it's time to move the camp and Walks Alone makes a sled for the superdog and it WORKS.

So the elders are like "oh fuck we gotta get us some more of these"

*holding something up meme*

*holds up Walks Alone's bravery* is this technology?

wow imagine only ever hearing about superdogs from physical description and then finding one with a lead so inferring it's a bit domesticated and then some weeks later after getting real friendly and like, having it carry firewood...

...trying to mount it yourself.

Like, oh boy! the bravery! you can't ride an elk! you can't ride a dog! but this thing... maybe?

And it worked! :o

really disappointed that this author chose to write "greater dog" to discuss horses instead of the more literal translation of "superdog"

once folk die, don't speak their name; just their relationship to those who live?

seems kafka as hell

The churn of redevelopment means we do not live with and learn from the detritus of failure.

(I'm just rephrasing notions triggred by reading this book, "returning to the lakota way," expect a lot of that over the next few days)

I love the notion of the wrinkles on our faces symbolising the trails we have walked.

Request for Suggestions (Please boost!):

Hi all! My reading group is looking for anarchist texts that get a little deeper into theory, praxis, and history of anarchist thought, but are still modern enough to be accessible. Kropotkin, et al, are great, but we're looking for something that's more like a modern summary/analysis of Kropotkin (if y'all get what I mean).

Happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

I /finally/ wrote an explanation of how "things" work: in-game entities in

It's a bit long and dense, but also, if you understand it, you can tell people you understand lambda calculus and closures.


Imagine if everyone relayed information the way Picard tells Dathon the story of Gilgamesh.

Asshole, my boss. Asshole, my boss, at work. He micromanged his employees. He made them angry. They cried out, send us an HR rep for our boss! Spare us from his tyranny! Susan, a mediator from HR, entered the office.

They had a meeting in the conference room. They had a meeting in his office. Asshole defeated Susan. They marked the matter resolved. Asshole and Susan in the office.

(amazon delivered a book of lakota stories, and the... oh i forget the name of the literary device... where you have like a narrator that's walking around an environment that is observing the stories, like is quite intentionally the lens?

Anyway the lens-person's name is Walks Alone (Isnala-mani) but it was Slow (Ohunkeshni))

white people: how the fuck did it work with some native folk changing their name several times through their life?

also white people: hey sorry i haven't talked to you in a bit lost your number and then i moved from fb to insta...

wow amazon just threw a package at my door from the truck it hit the brick frame of the door...

Y'all I don't think you realize how... shoddy... everything about our dominant culture is, compared to what... could be.

Curious about why 9and all my work) is released under a software license not recognized as any sort of official license by... anyone?

I explain my reasoning in this Gitlab Issue:

(cc @dmoonfire @Fidgetcetera)

I like how if I post that this is the license I use I get a bunch of copyleft nerd shouting at me about how this CLEARLY enables exploitation but if I post a question about it being used in the real world no one engages. :D :D :D

It's been down a lot recently but my demo MUD is up at if anyone wants to check it out who missed earlier opportunities.

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