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You are taking our platforms. If you succeed, my people will be forced to communicate in private chat rooms. Your people will share hot takes under hashtags

We will build our language in obscurity. You will steal it, and misconstrue it

You will chat openly, and enjoy protection from criticism. My people will say nothing, and still be degraded

The experiences of my people have spoken, and they have said: do not trust the privileged

For all these reasons and more I have decided to block you

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Our mouths
were made for praising
that sweet by-and-by
but it's hard speaking
so our voices need a rise
above our toil and trouble
towards our justice and summer nights

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Here's to my sweethearts,
And here's to my friends.
Here's to our means,
And here's to our ends.
Sing a verse of Guthrie,
I'm sticking with our Union,
And bound for glory.


In our universe, England is named after a Germanic tribe called the Angles. The language of England is called English and speakers of this language are called Anglophones.

In another universe, Sexland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Saxons. The language of Sexland is called Sexish and speakers of this language are called Saxophones.

Today I saw someone say "main shirt" instead of "favorite shirt" and I just keep thinking about it.

Flatpak shipping is getting so dang fancy, I just received a package for a tenant that was 160cm by 12cm by 16cm...'s a fucking queen sized box spring mattress in there.

How in the hell... did they make it fit?

And in such a way that the package didn't explode ACME-style when I touched it?

Oh in all my busy-ness I think I forgot to tell y'all the funniest bit of local news: there's an escaped emu roaming the northern part of the county, terrorizing rubes and children.

It's been on the lam for about six weeks now, it's finally settling into a smaller area and they'll probably capture it sometime this week.

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Today my partner is doing their orientation for graduate school.

Wish them luck, but also wish me luck as they text me about every single facet of their day and I try and muster enthusiastic responses despite being quite busy with my own day. :D

...And now that I'm feeling caught up with it, I'm looking at the clock and seeing that my partner will be getting home in 30 minutes, so not good timing to start refactoring AGAIN.

Maybe I'll write a little essay about how things should work, a roadmap of how to refactor: I know what I'll do but writing it out probably wouldn't hurt.

It's also funny because I was very clearly in the middle of one refactoring, and then switched gears to do it another way, and so have 3 "eras" of code existing side-by-side.

The code I have runs, so I'm going to actually leave it alone as a generic webserver for a bit and focus on having it fetch data from my other elisp data.

(I'm basically making a data structure that my elisp scripts either share or can convert into, and then read and render it into say, a webpage.)

I'm finally getting around back to looking at my web server in elisp and while things aren't very well documented or constructed, the code is shockingly readable and I'm able to get a pretty good feel for things.

Which... honestly isn't what I'd have expected, to come back to elisp and go "yea this is quite readable!" but having really long function names makes it pretty simple.

(That is, my functions are named stuff like "ems-ros-render-object-as-html-homepage," quite explicit.)

I've asked in the past but anyone have a gitea instance running at a cool URL?

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anybody have advice on #privacy-oriented email services? trying to migrate away from google

There's a Burmese market across the street from me now :o

The new tenant I've been complaining about put liquid detergent in the dryer lint trap because, as it was closer to the door, they assumed it was the washer. Y'know, because you use the washer first?

Clearly my fault for having the washer near the water pipes and dryer near the exhaust ducts, and not hers for ignoring the many instructions printed on these machines.

Hey @guinan the account @greenfediverse has me thinking about:

Do you know our instance's power source? It'd be cool if it were something green, y'know?

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99 years ago today the United States passed the 19th amendment, absolving men across this great nation from engaging with the issue of gender equality beyond murmuring, "Well why don't you do something about it, then?"

99 years ago today the United States passed the 19th amendment, absolving men across this great nation from engaging with the issue of gender equality beyond murmuring, "Well why don't you do something about it, then?"

food, gluttony 

I don't think that's going to work, at first because they won't do it properly, and then because the engine will be flooded.

Luckily the coworker is willing to drive my partner home, but that doesn't solve getting to work tomorrow.

They've told me it's turning over, but are going to try and jump-start it with a coworker's jumpercables.

Neither they nor the coworker know much about cars, and it's a newer car so my partner starts it by just turning the key to "start" and letting go, so they don't have a feel for starting a car without an autostarter.

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