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I'm a cis man, (they/them,) have health and mobility issues, am Itázipčho (Sans Arc of the Lakota Sioux,) and pansexual. I fight fascists: I believe I have a moral duty to decolonize, endure, and seek social justice. No fascists can dwell in our valley.

You can DM or follow me if you'd like; please no flirting or sexualizing.

I'll happily answer questions about:
- cooking
- gardening
- worker organization
- Emacs, Hugo, Org-mode
- Elisp, Python, Racket
- computer and tabletop game design

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What kind of DB should one use to store messages for an IM service? Main requirement is low latency.

I haven't done a tech take in a way.

"Open" source presupposes a "closed" source and presents both as legitimate, just in itself as a term. It's not "open source" and "closed source" it's "code" and "broken code"

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Spending today ruminating on using the area's naturally clay-rich soil to facilitate irrigation.

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I don't know how to use #MMD but I sure do know how to use dance emotes in #FFXIV!
Edited with #kdenlive you have that essay saved local right? i'mma pull it again probably

and now we just did ten squats + lifting-the-kitty-up-as-high-as-we-can for playtime.

Because somehow, I have convinced her that being a freeweight is fun.

Which honeslty is a good reminder that I can convince myself most things are fun.

On that note, off to do dishes!

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my cat is so good i can wear a beaded leather tassle that goes from my belt to my knee and she doesn't attack it :3 best cat oooh i like that take: don't talk to me about political elections, tell me about your union elections

if you can't, that's your weekend plans!

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While globalisation has made the scope of what governments can do more narrow, the focus of electoral politics has narrowed to mean only elections for government positions.

Trade union and #coop elections receive little attention.

We need to revitalise these underutilised, massive democratic mechanisms.

My new article:

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I didn't know koffee was gonna do a tiny desk concert

reggae music come in with a commotion <3

Anyway I'm not trying to correct anyone, just saying to try and notice which someone uses and if they're speaking for themselves, respect it and don't replace it with the more common term.

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✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 It’s Black History Month! Allies, please donate to black folks in your communities especially queer & trans & disabled black folks. Please boost this status, black folks add your pay links, and allies donate! ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

(Also by using repatriate to refer to the exchange even if it's not being returned to a state actor normalizes non-state actors as legitimate sovereignties.

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General subtoot but well-meaning:

Some, including myself, prefer the term "repatriation" to "reparation", as the former implies a return of legitimate property a state or culture, while the latter is the giving back of stolen goods from the victor to the loser.

While I like how reparations highlights the military nature of the genocides, I dislike how it frames them as historical events rather than contemporary occurrences.

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White supremacy and reparations therefore, request for reading materials 

Who are the major contemporary thinkers considering reparations for the white supremacist regime in the US? I'm assuming Coates, but is there anyone else I should read? Specifically if they deal with the framework of implementation; this is what the centrists push back on and I don't know the contemporary Black voices to point them towards.

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We just had the warmest January on record, slightly ahead of 2016 when there was strong #ElNiño, per @CopernicusECMWF #C3S. Temperatures in Europe were 3.1°C above 1981-2010 average, and more than 6°C higher in NE Europe and #Russia.


I know I don't know much but I know the interests of the parks department aren't truly in line with the long term sustainability and growth of our ecology, and I also know enough to not undermine their efforts but shift them toward mine.

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The more I learn about like, long term ecology, the more I'm thinking that letting north carolina exist as it has for so long, with the "natural" areas dominated by unchecked pine, might be a reall big fuckup that'll take a loooong time to unfuck, and not like, many hours of labour, no no, just, it takes time, some things just take time.

but I can start doing right by the forests now, maybe?

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I'm wondering if I can't like, build a self-sustaining moss farm this way: dig a hole in clay-rich soil (we're talking like, 85-95% clay here), fill it with moss, saturate the moss with water, cover it with pebbles then clay then moss.

The moss'll be fed by the water trap, and later hold water itself.

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