ugh facebook! Great River of Profit! Just when I think I know the extent of their depravity, we find out there's another layer.

Don't get me wrong, they'd make great Ferengi. If I were running that money machine I'd sell people's information high and low.

But I'm not running it. I'm a user. And I am agast at how much access of *my* information they have giving to others. (Turns around in a huff).


So, @guinan ... how hard is it really to run a mastodon instance of your own? I'm thinking of creating one and inviting my IRL friends from facebook and elsewhere to join just to keep in touch. Note, I'm very technical but have limited patience for servers and system setups. Is it possible to run an instance in a simple way for your friends without too much hassle day to day?

@quark @guinan
Why don’t you just run it out of a holosuite?

@autismplusmath @guinan our holosuites don't run the latest version of Ubuntu so it's not possible until Sisko allows the upgrade.

@Copenhagen_Bram @quark @guinan

Bram, I’m more a trader than a technician in the 24th century, but I believe the Federation replaced Linux with VOS:


It only makes logical sense.

@autismplusmath @quark @guinan That makes sense! But now I wonder what cryptocurrency Ferengis use.


@Copenhagen_Bram @autismplusmath @guinan you can't trust all that cryptocurrency nonsense. Rule of Acquisition 217: If you can't bite it, it's not money.

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