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Updated digital commission post!
Have a gander if you'd like an OC drawn, or one of your favourite characters (I'd love to do some Star Trek commissions, but have yet to do examples. So expect me to spam this once more)
My prices:
Ones with backgrounds (like these) - $65 / £50
Full Figures - $45 / £35
Busts - $33 / £25
More of my work here :

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Hi! I'm a self-employed illustrator
Cis (he/they)
Intersectional feminist

I enjoy discussing/learning about/posting:
Star Trek - I love all the series so far (DS9 is my fave)
Non-Eurocentricity and genuine representation of it in the arts.
Also, Language - which I suck at. But its so interesting!

Current obsessive art / worldbuilding / poetry project:

And If you want to support me:

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to be clear vaccines rule

but hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people, died because liberals refused to do the very effective measures that were demonstrably the most effective at containing the spread of covid, while they waited for a vaccine to come out and be deployed

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the reason liberals love the idea of vaccines but hate the idea of lockdowns is because captialism wants to solve problems by selling you a product

whereas anything that hinders production is automatically bad

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CW: body horror, incisions on arms, food 

above headquarters:
gardens where state secrets are
encrypted in eggs

#mastoart #art #illustration #poem #poetry #haiku

Discovery S1/S2/S3 thoughts (CW: spoilers up to S3E11) (3) 

The other thing that's always irked me, probs a less popular opinion, is Burnham's character in s1+2, which is super inconsistent. In the first few episodes, she's culturally a Vulcan (which I liked because it dispels some of the weird 'super race' stuff) but goes on to become the most emotional character. Which is fine! But as far as i know, it's not acknowledged at all?
Either way, the S3 set-up grounds her character way better, phew.

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Discovery S1/S2/S3 thoughts (CW: spoilers up to S3E11) (2) 

The throwback stuff didn't conceptually annoy me, but it just left less room for you know, the original (and diverse) characters. With S1 I thought "that was cool! But hope they give more time to character stuff in S2" which is why I was a lil' disappointed by Spock/Pike appearing. I'd say S3 is better for this -but the bg characters are still pretty underwritten, apart from the white one of course lol.

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Discovery S1/S2/S3 thoughts (CW: spoilers up to episode 11) (1) 

I'm really enjoying this season - I don't thiiiink i'm alone in saying it's kinda what I wanted Discovery to be from the get-go.
S2 in particular, whilst fun/cool moments, had me sighing when it felt like it was primarily pandering to old lore/throwbacks + also explaining canon inconsistencies. Plus the classic OTT sequel trope of
"the stakes now involve the destruction of all sentient life in the universe".

Discovery (non-spoiler, unless guest actors are a spoiler) 

So, yesterday I learned that the guy in Discovery who I kept thinking "huh, he has David Cronenberg hair" is just David Cronenberg

Hi tenforward!
I'm Sajan and haven't been active on here for a while. I'm currently on my third full trek binge (which I tend to do in the order TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TOS, TAS (no longer on Netflix, rip) DSC/whatever's new (though i've yet to see Picard/Lower Decks, so might sneak it in after TNG? Dunno yet.)
I think DS9's my fave, and whilst I love VOY it's my fave to get angry about.
I post art/etc on
Oh! Also, I'm the one that drew this friend :D

Today, I'm gonna play drums for the first time in three years! I'm gonna SUCK. But, it'll be fun.


Whilst I'm not knee-deep in overdraft, I'm listing new kindsa clothes I need while I have the money. I think I'm gonna set aside a day scouring charity shops around west/northwest/southwest London before hitting any stores.
I'd love to learn how to make a shirt from scratch, but it looks super hard and I know the end result would be appalling. Might still try.

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Project for when I have time: I got a primark coat years ago (stopped shopping there since) - its been surprisingly durable/still works. BUT, it doesn't look great. Hood string bits are flappy/straggly, pockets are falling off, some parts are faded/bleached?! It'd be a fun experiment to try and make it look nice, rather than throw money at a new coat that I don't really need.

also, hi tenforward! (cw: depression) 

I haven't been using this account much, because I feel like it's where I like to talk about TV/politics more, and the past 6-14 months have been the most hellish and reality-shattering of my life. I've barely even been able to concentrate on my art (which I do full-time) so putting 110% into just about maintaining that, as well as juggling everything else.
Tentative to say stuff's better, but I'm slowly adjusting. And planning to re-binge all of Trek soon.

on streaming 

I guess I'm interested in how this is gonna affect independent cinema. The pessimist in me sees how stuff is consumed and thinks it'll just die in favour of Funko Pops the Musical the Prequel Series. The optimist thinks that it'll normalise really anarchic ways of film-making.
As somebody that has yet to delve into film-making since I was a teen, I'm pretty curious about pursuing that in a few years, and how the fediverse could potentially play a part in it.

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on streaming 

So apparently they'll be pulling Star Trek off Netflix soon. If any of the others follow, i'll probably axe my account.
I guess it'll take time (because so many people are rushing to Disney +) - but I think streaming could takee a massive blow when people realise they don't want to spend £xx on sub-par streaming services. I think the streaming model will likely be disrupted by people returning to video collections, albeit on USBs.

British person ranting about US coverage of UK politics 

I just (for some ill-chosen reason) watched The Daily Show bit on Boris Johnson. It hammers in all the stuff that made Boris Johnson a cult of personality, nice and succinctly for an US/international audience. Also opts to include a couple more light-hearted of his quotes in favour of more racist remarks, and a homophobic remark. That he is a homophobe is not mentioned at all.
And it celebrates calling him "Boris".
What a shitty piece.

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@frostotron I agree. I don't need to see a series of ship being crushed with people suffering, Instead, a solemn scene where they look at the causalities lists are equally powerful.

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I love how much DS9 just ignores "show don't tell" for things that would be big action scenes unless they're really momentous and also the focus of the episode. Its refreshing, honestly.

Thoughts after rewatching Batman Begins, CW spoilers (5) 

I do find Batman Begins and Dark Knight Returns kinda weird films. I think they both suffer from over-crowding/mismatched stories etc.

But it is fun! One thing I thought had aged well were the special effects for the scarecrow parts. They're done sparingly, and well.

Even though it inspired a bunch of gritty/realism-heavy superhero (and other) films that I hate, I like the Dark Knight the best of Nolan's.

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